A road axis connects finally the two Koreas. The enemy brothers who have indeed connected to a road at the border between the two countries for the first time in 14 years, the last gesture of reconciliation between the neighbours, announced on Thursday, November 22, the ministry of south Korean Defense. The dirt road does not come out of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) that divides the peninsula. It will be used the next year in joint operations to recover the remains of victims of the Korean war (1950-1953).

The two countries have each built a portion of this road in the region of Cheorwon, almost halfway between the two Koreas in the DMZ. It is one of the commitments made by the south Korean president Moon Jae-in and the north Korean leader Kim Jong-un, at their third summit, in Pyongyang, in September. The two Koreas have also decided to shave the bunkers in the border village of Panmunjom, and make it a place without arms.

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The DMZ, a border the most militarized in the world

Mr. Moon is a long-time supporter of a dialogue with the North, armed with the nuclear bomb. His approach diverges increasingly from that of Washington, which requires a denuclearization total before any lifting of sanctions against Pyongyang. Despite its name, the DMZ is a border the most militarized in the world, full of mine fields and barbed wire.

On of the photos distributed by the ministry of south Korean Defense, we see a soldier of south Korean and a north Korean military participating in the “recent” work on the point of shaking hands, under the eyes of their comrades. “It is historically important for the North and the South to open a new passage and conduct joint operations to recover the remains of the dead of the war, on the theatre of the worst fights,” the ministry said. The us secretary of State Mike Pompeo said this week that his country wanted ” to ensure peace on the peninsula and the denuclearization of North Korea are not lagging behind the intensification of bilateral relations between the two Koreas “.

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