While participating in a voluntary program of construction in Morocco, three young girls had been threatened with death because they wore shorts. The young women have decided to return home and no new group of volunteers will be sent out in this country, announced the organisers on the belgian people in these camps. The group consisted of 37 young people, predominantly young girls, who came to work as volunteers during their holidays in the excavation of an access road in the village of Adar near Taroudant (south of Morocco). A young teacher of moroccan protested against the fact that they worked in shorts, and has called on social networks to decapitate. A member of parliament of morocco, for its part, denounced their behaviour as ” mild “. “We have received the advice not to send new groups in Morocco. We will follow this advice and we have decided to cancel all the camps the following in Morocco, ” announced the flemish association Bouworde on its website.

Its leaders have stated to have received ” assurance that the security of the volunteers who are still in Morocco is provided by the moroccan government, among others, by the presence of the force “. “However, we fully understand that some of the participants want to come back earlier. For the moment, 3 of the 37 young people who are currently in Morocco want to take advantage of this opportunity. Bouworde will do all that is necessary to organize the return, ” they said. The teacher moroccan has been arrested and will be prosecuted for ” inciting terrorist acts “, said the Safety of morocco. His call for the decapitation recalled the murder of two tourists in scandinavian perpetrated in 2018 by Moroccans radicalized in the name of the group jihadist islamic State.

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“Yes we short”

The association Bouworde organises trips volunteering on different projects in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America for young people aged 15 to 30 years. “A camp of construction is a unique combination of vacation for the youth, group travel and volunteer work “, she says. The threats against young volunteers in belgium have sparked outrage in the moroccan press and on social networks. Several media outlets, including public television Med1 TV, have relayed a call for a protest in shorts Saturday on a beach in Casablanca, to ” send a message to the obscurantists who want to impose on us the thought to the extreme and destroy the image of our country “. An initiative launched by a page on Facebook entitled ” Yes we shorts “, after a petition, “All in short” which has collected more than 1,000 signatures, including those of a fifty personalities in morocco. The page of ” Yes we shorts “, also called the Moroccans to send a bouquet of flowers with a word of thanks to the belgian association.

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