Datamining story beats are performed by players. 343 were “unintentionally” included in the tech test.

Get ready to dodge spoilers for the next four months, because Halo Infinite story details have already started to leak. Players checking out the first technical test flight for Halo Infinite on PC and Xbox have datamined a slew of story details from the multiplayer-exclusive preview build, and they’re already starting to appear online.

343 Industries creative lead Joseph Staten confirmed on Twitter that some campaign files were “unintentionally included” in the build that went out to players and asked those who have seen them not to spoil the game for others. Staten tweeted, “Leaks such as this are painful to the dev team. They can ruin the campaign experience.

I have looked at some of the leaked information and Halo Infinite is a hard game to spoil. This info dump contains descriptions of objectives and story beats, which can be difficult to understand without context. The information dump includes descriptions of objectives and story beats. You will also find a list with weapons and achievement titles that we know or can guess from previous gameplay reveals. However, it’s possible that I missed a major revelation. Halo enthusiasts should probably just bury their heads in sand to keep safe.

Halo community director Brian Jarrard advised people who have datamined the information that posting it on public channels will result in DMCA takedowns. You run the risk of receiving a takedown notice which could lead to a strike on some platforms. He tweeted that if you have already published content, it is a good idea to remove it from your channel immediately.

YouTube and Twitter are the most obvious places where I see this happen. Both platforms are quick to respond to DMCA claims so you post at your own risk. Don’t spoil a game that no one can play for months.


We have been testing the technical test and will soon share our thoughts. It’s still very light, we’ve been running drills and shooting bots, but it feels like next-gen Halo.