Lockheed Martin is developing the first Hypersonic Jet, the SR-72. According to this announcement, NASA released the previously unreleased video material of its predecessor, the SR-71, on Youtube. Although the SR-71 nicknamed Blackbird was developed in the 60s, it is still the fastest plane in the world – he has reached three times the speed of sound.

SR-71 Blackbird: The fastest Jet in the world – now retired Fullscreen

Eisüberkrustete nose of an SR-71.

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The SR-71 is a reconnaissance aircraft and not a fighter plane. It was built in a time in which there were no satellite reconnaissance. Who wanted to know what happened in Siberia, had to fly over the area. Reconnaissance aircraft U-2 should actually operate outside of the reach of the air defence of the USSR. In 1960, a Jet was shot down, the Pilot captured and brought to justice – a humiliation for the United States and a political setback. The Intrusion into the airspace was a clear breach of international law.

On Russia’s backyard

So the United States needed a Jet that could operate faster and, above all, even higher than the U-2. The SR-71 reached 26.000 meters. Your crew of two, the flights completed in a type of space suits. Due to their high speed, you should be able to missile escape. Due to the sensational performance data, the mysterious operations and not least because of the stunning Designs, the SR-71 cult status reached.

in Total, were built only 32 aircraft. Was flown the SR-71 from 1964 to 1998. Because of their extremely high operating costs she was put out of service. The predecessor, the U-2 Dragon Lady is still in service.

Ramjet technology

Today, the SR-71 is mainly because of the powerplant interesting. It should be so built that it could work at high speeds than a Ramjet or ramjet work without a compressor engine. The Ramjet technology is regarded as the key technology to ultra-fast Jets build. China has only recently announced this technology in missiles.

+++ three times the range and Mach 5 – China’s missile weapons from the West +++

Rob White, Vice-President of Lockheed Martin, said the “Aviation Week”, you’ve worked very long on this technology. They had now matured to the point that they could be used in aircraft. The SR-72 will be twice as fast as the SR-71. With such speeds no conventional missiles could catch up to the SR-72.

B-21 Raider This Super-Bomber range of Russia’s air defense to break through

The US is developing a new heavy long-range bomber. The B-21 is to secure the global air domination of the US. Currently, the American superhuman is demanded eight through modern defense systems like the Russian S-400.

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