The situation in which the banking application is unsafe

Banking app is convenient, but at the same time can present a danger in some situations. How to protect yourself from threats, using the mobile Bank, said the Agency “Prime” Director General of the nonprofit organization “Digital platform” Arseny Weltzin.

According to Delcina, services mobile banking — one of the most popular applications that users install on the smartphone in the first place. They are comfortable to manage accounts and resolve issues, communicating with representatives of the Bank in the chat, even faster, through the call center.

Along with this high level of functionality is a risk, an expert has warned. The attackers, by hacking the smartphone, install malicious programs or social engineering, can obtain full access to financial data of the victim, until the transfer of funds to own accounts.

the Expert stressed that not all applications that are hosted in the stores, owned by banks. Sometimes they may be hiding fraudulent software, created to collect user data. This information can then be used for commercial purposes — for example, banks and resold to advertisers. “In the worst case, it can be some kind of a fraudulent scheme, data is transmitted to third parties who are not interested to use the data legally,” warned Weltzin.

To avoid becoming a victim of hackers, expert recommended to use an antivirus to split bills and payments, and to limit the amount which can be work in the banking application.

“it is Not necessary to click on short links with unknown domains, messengers, do not download apps that ask a lot of capabilities in your phone including applications, can be a flashlight or a small game, — added the expert. — It is better to refrain from the use of such programs.”

Text: News.Hi-tech