The scammers offer to protect themselves from 5G flash $ 350

In the UK started to sell USB sticks with the “anti-5G”, which are designed to protect from the supposedly harmful effects of radiation cell phone towers. The developers claim that their device 5GBioShield with “holographic technology nanolayer catalyst” will save buyers from “harmful radiation, electrosmog and biogarantie”.

For bioschit asking $350, or nearly 25 thousand rubles. However, as found out experts of the company Pen Test Partners, having examined the device, in fact it is no different from ordinary removable drive, in addition to stickers. The same USB flash drive 128 MB can be bought in any electronics store for $6, the BBC reports.

Despite the actual useless “blocker 5G”, use it recommended Tony Hall member of the Advisory Committee on 5G of the British city of Glastonbury. “We use this device and find it useful”, — he wrote in the report. Hall argues that “from the sky down dead fall flocks of birds, when enabled by 5G,” and “people from the nose bleed and increasing number of suicides”.

the Fact that the signals 5G can harm birds or people, or even somehow associated with coronavirus infection, there is no scientific evidence. However, these concerns have led to the emergence of conspiracy theories linking cellular communications with the pandemic. Last month in Britain have been recorded dozens of cases of damage and arson telecommunication towers because of the suspicion that through them may spread the disease.

co-founder 5GBioShield Anna Grochowalski told the BBC that her company has “a large volume of historical research”, but did not specify details. She added that 5GBioShield is the only global distributor, but does not produce and does not own this product. Grochowalski previously worked in sales of food additives called Klotho Formula.

Text: News.Hi-tech