25 years Ago ended with the withdrawal of the Russian armed forces from Germany, a special Chapter of the history after the Second world war. 31. August 1994, left the last Russian soldier officially in the country. What happened at the sites? What are the properties remained? Moved there to a new civilian life, or everything is still broke and will be forfeited? And: what happened to the dismounted soldiers?

The mansized sculpture of the revolutionary leader Lenin in the former forbidden city in Brandenburg, Wünsdorf until 1994 the headquarters of the Russian armed forces in Germany, as once firmly on the Base. At that time the largest Russian property with approximately 600 acres of the present and the past are close together.

In Brandenburg, half of the time by the Russians land used was: some in cities, others walls are deposited in patches of forest in the country, surrounded by concrete. The Land had once been purchased 538 acres of the Wünsdorfer area. Less than half of that went to private investors. It is, among other things, single-family homes emerged, companies were established, and in renovated barracks building, the country moved in to authorities.

monument protection increases the cost of sniper Stalin’s death angels – against Lyudmila Pavlichenko, the German Sniper were powerless

Lyudmila Pavlichenko Stalin was the most dangerous weapon. The young woman stood bravely against the German invaders and became the most notorious sniper of the Second world war.

Gernot Kramper

But the Rest of the area, a part of this heritage-protected building, sank in a deep sleep. A swimming pool is for two and a half decades, unused. The curtain of the stage in a huge hall has not lifted since then. The marketing of these surfaces is more difficult, also because of the costs, which are due to the monument protection.

But also the renovation and the elimination of the military Legacy in many places is necessary. “This “thick chunks” to confront all the players with particularly difficult challenges,” says Brandenburg’s Minister of Economics Jörg Steinbach (SPD). In the state alone there were 83 barracks complex, 89 residential areas, 19 airfields, as well as 45 military training and shooting ranges that once belonged to the Russians.

The so far unexploited area in Wünsdorf today is backed up by a security guard. The morbid charm that attracts visitors, even unwelcome. “As if by magic, the hands of the big clock no longer move to one of the buildings from time to time, although it actually works,” says Birgit Flügge of the development company forest city Wünsdorf/draw the village. Today’s photo tours are offered through this part.

the Second world war, battle of Dubno – with 3,000 tanks of the Red army wanted to stop the German invasion

another example: With Heide-Süd, a whole district was in a hall on the huge renovated site of a former Russian barracks. Modern scientific institutions were established there. Where once soldiers and officers lived with their families, moved people, thousands of work on the Area near the city forest. In a second, smaller area Wörmlitz new houses were built in hall -. In Saxony-Anhalt’s state capital Magdeburg, a former military site was to what is today a popular excursion destination: the Federal garden show with their striking Millennium tower.

is a festival celebrated games instead of hunting Aviator

Original, meanwhile, in the Saxon place Reuth for years with the stilts firmly. On the stilts, a mountain, a hill on the outskirts of the village, resided previously, the Russians. Today, the is there game barn.

the anniversary of Operation winter storm So miserably in the last attempt to rescue the soldiers in Stalingrad By Gernot Kramper

in the Midst of the Mecklenburg lake district, failed a former military airfield, located in the remote Lärz. The Russian fighter pilots are long gone from the Hangars, however, lives on the memory of it in a special way: Since 1997, is on the Northern part of the airfield, the Open-Air music festival “Fusion” on the stage, from the organizer of the Kulturkosmos müritz lake is mostly in Cyrillic letters written. Is touted it as “holiday communism” with almost all the freedoms. 70 000 visitors to the cultural festival has grown every summer.

love the old red army

Who is today in Belarus, the Ukraine and Russia or other Ex-Soviet republics on the way, meets former soldiers who had served in the GDR. In many lights the eyes, of many tells the story of the love of a German. GDR-nostalgia is widespread among the former Soviet soldier.

“For us, the battle groups were a window to Europe”, – stated in the Online Forum “11td.ru” the former 11. Panzer division in Dresden. A good time you had there. “The warm climate, the beautiful landscapes, well-kept towns and villages.” The old-time, lives on today in the Internet: In social networks, comrades, remember, post photos from the past and looking again and again, even after the former battle companions.

The return was, for many, anything other than the Start to a better life. Because apartments were missing, were many officers ‘ families temporarily in shacks, derelict buildings or in tent camps. Great is the displeasure about Mikhail Gorbachev, one of the fathers of German unity today. The then head of the Kremlin agreed with Chancellor Helmut Kohl, the hasty troop withdrawal within four years. The last soldiers passed, then Russian President Boris Yeltsin, after almost half a century of presence of troops.

deducting the losers of the Second world war, Operation Bagration, this Offensive is the backbone of the German Wehrmacht

broke The D-Day, the allied landing in Normandy, everyone knows. Almost at the same time, Operation “Bagration” on the other hand is almost unknown. However, this Offensive of the Soviets led to the greatest German defeat of all time.

Gernot Kramper

Many have found that they are at the time, not as a Victor over Hitler fascism, as the liberator of a part of Germany withdrew, but as losers. They returned home to a country that sank in the mid-1990s in the Chaos. For the deduction of a billion dollars flowed from Germany to Russia. Many criticize until today, Russia had at that time not sufficiently compensate for the decades of built up infrastructure, including thousands of apartments and plots of land. Until today, this perceived dishonor runs deep in the veterans of the Cold war.

founded in 1994, The “Association of the veterans of the battle groups in Germany” want to remember, however, to the glorious glory of the past. The 25-year Celebration of the founding the Association in February, the former commander Anton Terentyev informed that the task was to educate the youth in Russia, military-Patriotic. It is the glorious Tradition of the troops in Germany to keep up.

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Stalin’s angel of death – against Lyudmila Pavlichenko, the German Sniper were powerless

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