The video of the lynching to which they escaped became viral since 22 December. This morning (Monday), Édouard Philippe has met with the unit of police motorcycle riders, of which four members were violently attacked on Saturday by the “yellow vests” on the Champs-Elysées.

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The Prime minister has exchanged from 11 hours at the prefecture of police of Paris with “riders of the company of security and intervention of the prefecture of police engaged in the operations of maintenance of order” on Saturday in Paris, had announced the prime minister’s office in a press release.

“Every effort is made to identify the perpetrators”

At a short press briefing, Édouard Philippe stated that he had wanted to “thank these police officers for the mastery they have shown”, while they “were the subject Saturday of an assault of a very high level of violence in the framework of their mission”.

“Every effort is made to identify the perpetrators, bring them to justice and I hope to do it in a way that they can be punished severely,” has also underlined the head of the executive. Before hammering his “determination to bring back order,” in the midst of a crisis of the yellow vests.

Sunday morning, he had already denounced the “attacks of unprecedented violence” for police officers.

These four bikers from the police, struggling in the face of the advance of the “yellow vests” at the crossroads of the avenue George-V and Champs-Elysées, have been caught Saturday in the end of the day, during a scene captured by several videos that have done the rounds of the media and outraged the government.

No arrest

protesters have including cast pavers and scooters, by dropping one of their bikes. One of the officers has drawn his pistol to repel the “yellow vests” before returning it quickly into its case.

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Overwhelmed, the agents had to flee the scene on a motorcycle, pursued by their attackers, leaving one of them on the floor. Vandalized by the protesters, it was recovered later by the forces of law and order. The prosecutor’s office in Paris announced on Sunday the opening of an investigation for “voluntary violence” committed against police officers. No arrest has taken place after the fact.