The price of shares of

the Price of shares of Russian Internet giant “Yandex” at the auction of the Moscow exchange rose 1.7% to 3160 rubles according to the exchange 14:15 GMT. The market value of the company has close to a trillion rubles.

To increase the value of the company’s shares have been affected by the rapid recovery of the Russian economy after the lifting of restrictions. Rapidly growing all divisions of the business. Renewed demand for car-share “Yandex.Drive”, stopped during isolation. A growing number of travel service “Yandex.Taxi”. Continued growth of the service “Yandex.Food” and “Yandex.Shop” retained a high demand in the period of isolation of the population.

the last time the record value of the shares of “Yandex” has been made before the pandemic — February 5, 2020 — 3068,4 ruble per share.

Reporting companies traditionally pleases investors – to grow revenue, profit, all the business segments. And now investors saw a good start in all directions “Yandex” after the first weeks of easing restrictions in the economy, introduced at the time of the pandemic.

in addition, recently discussed a number of significant transactions for the Internet giant: “Sberbank” buying service 2GIS competing with “Yandex.Maps” and “Yandex” can redeem a share of Uber in “Yandex.Taxi”. Besides, “Yandex” and “Sberbank” will share a joint it projects and will be able to do so in the month of June. Talking about “Yandex.Market”, “Yandex.Place”, “Take” and “Yandex.Money.”