the majority of older people in Germany, according to a study, significant deficits in terms of digital literacy. Among the 60 – to 69-Year-olds, only 41 percent feel safe or very safe in order to deal with the Internet.

The results from a representative survey conducted by the market research company Kantar, under, around 1000 persons on behalf of the Bertelsmann Foundation. In the group of 70 plus the even says only one in three (36 percent). For comparison: Among the 14 – to 29-Year-olds, 79 per cent feel safe or very safe.

According to the own knowledge of digital technologies, applications and risks surveyed, half of the 60 to 69 year old respondents, because from the look of it is rather good to very good. In the group of 70 plus only 36 per cent came to this positive self-assessment. In the case of the digital skills there is significant pent-up demand, it said on Wednesday in Gütersloh published analysis.

As for the “Silver Surfer” offers the Internet has many advantages. Digital services could contribute to life as long as possible in a self-determined, even if the mobility is restricted. So seniors could be order of the day-to-day necessary Goods and services online, and organize, as well as with family and friends via a Smartphone or Laptop to actively communicate.

according to The study, approximately ten million people but, nationwide, offline and in over 75 percent were citizens beyond 65 years of age. The speed of innovation platforms in the digital age, more formidable. In Parallel, the Internet and digital technologies, according to the study, more and more areas of Everyday life important.

to make the older Generation digital fit enough, it need more than the ability to load Apps on your Smartphone or Online Banking to conduct. Low-threshold learning opportunities in the municipalities are necessary. Positive examples there are already some – such as the district library, Cologne-Kalk, where generation learned across the Board, practiced, and experimented could be – free, with technologically advanced equipment and in many events.

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