The number of charging stations for electric cars increased by 60%

the Number of charging stations for electric vehicles in 2019 increased by 60%, which is the largest increase in three years and is ahead of sales of electric cars, the biggest gain in three years, according to a report from the International energy Agency (IEA).

the largest number of charging stations was China: the share of China accounts for about 60% of the total number of chargers for electric vehicles in the world.

fast charging station, which, for example, Tesla uses account for around 30% of the total number of charging stations. To slow the IEA stations include stations with a capacity of 22 kW.

the Growth of critical infrastructure for electric vehicle reflects the expected boom in sales of electric vehicles. However, last year the share of electric cars accounted for about 1% of total car sales.

while most often electric cars charged at home or at work, the deployment of public charging infrastructure is the key to how to convince potential buyers that there is no risk of getting stuck with a low battery.

In the framework of the plan of economic incentives in Germany earlier this month pledged 500 million euros ($563 million) to support the deployment of private elektronaradim stations, of which there are 6.5 million.

Besides Tesla in the number of suppliers of charging points include the Anglo-Dutch group Shell, Engie French, German E. ON, Volkswagen and ChargePoint, which are shareholders of Daimler, BMW and Siemens.