The new service Mail.Ru Group will help you get paid ahead of time

a New service Mail.Ru Group will receive a salary early

Mail.Ru Group tests in collaboration with an unnamed partners new FINTECH service Payday. It will allow these companies to receive part of the wages before they are due.

according to “Kommersant”, the beta version of the apps found in Google Play, and then Mail.Ru Group officially confirmed the publication of its development. The description says that Payday “allows employees to track the amount of money earned, and get them at any convenient time.”

Employee connected to the service of the company can any day bring to his map and 70% have earned at the moment of money, and the remaining 30% will come in a typical day of the advance or paycheck. In Mail.Ru Group stress that the provision of loans in this case speech does not go. The translation, as the user agreements are made through “Money.Mail.Ru” – settlement non-banking credit organization that is a member of the IT holding company.

Integration module PayDay in an accounting system employers will be free for them. Earn a service, charging customers for early pay a small fee – 150 rubles, if the recipient needs the money within the hour, and 50, if he is willing to wait a day.

In Mail.Ru Group say they already cooperate within the framework of Payday testing with several companies, but to call them. Service, believe its creators, will allow to increase motivation of the employees and relieve them from the necessity of urgent cases to hire the services of microcredit institutions.

Text: To.Hi-tech