“Our new robot vacuum is not for everyone”: Brent Hild, at least an answer, if you ask him about the possible buyers of the new cups-the flagship of iRobot. 1499 Euro, a steep price for a robot vacuum cleaner – if you combined the vacuum cleaner with the new wiper from iRobot, the system price for the Duo to over 2000 Euro.

If not for everyone, for whom is the new Super sucker and then thought, we wanted to know from the chief developer Brent Hild. “For the most demanding customers”. In customer surveys we have found out that the iRobot customer very high cleaning standards, so Hild. You doubt is simply that a small robot can properly clean it. “We have asked very precisely what our customers expect from a premium product. And you don’t want to power alone a better cleaning. You can expect a perfect cleaning in corners and along edges.”

This is the crucial point today. To clean the middle of the room, just be. “But when it comes to suck the objects in the room around and get really deep into the corners – it is a lot of robots that you can buy today in despair.”

well-Known Feature: the base station

And now the new s9+Roomba. He used the mapping system of its predecessors and it is also sold with the base station, the same time as the predecessor came on the market.

Cordless hand vacuum cleaner battery vacuum cleaner for a goods test, eight out of ten devices will be able to not suck By Gernot Kramper

in Our opinion, this base is priceless, if a lot of (animal)hair lying around the house – or if you want to avoid any contact with the sucker shit. The Station has no more empty every second day the little dirt box of the vacuum cleaner, the Station sucks the Dirt automatically, and grabs him in a bag. And only needs to be in the rhythm of 4 to 8 weeks changed. Once sucked in, the dust in a closed System – this is not just for people with allergies interesting. The expensive bags from iRobot you can replace by the way with a little Trick by inexpensive models.

new construction

This Feature brings also the new s9+. In addition, it is a newly designed vacuum cleaner. The i7+ you can look at in terms of Hardware, rather than the further development of the Vorvorgängers of type 980. The s9+breaks with the round shape. To get better in the corners, it has the shape of a “U” or a horseshoe, so the can to a corner of the robot in the corners of the room. “We have developed the cleaning system from scratch. We have set the side brush in the corner. The brushes are pretty stiff, so they come in all the cracks.”

Positive: The Roomba uses no rotating Sensor. These Lidar systems were in operation, always with hair. In addition, the suction power and dust pick-up was improved significantly. On hard floors this is not actually necessary, however, for a deep cleaning of carpeted floors, the small robots are not able to have enough power.

The rotating rubber rollers are nearly a third wider than before, and consist of a far more durable Material than the 980. As a tip by the way: Cheap vacuum cleaner often have only a ten-centimeter width of the suction opening, according to poor absorption of the dirt is.

Many manufacturers rely on a single brush, Roomba rollers, however, two counter-rotating rubber. These rollers “grab” dirt, like Popcorn better than a brush and carry it in the garbage container and not push him in front of the robot.

As with the toothbrush

The hotel Suite for the show looks pretty clean. “That’s what we thought,” says Hild. “But we have to let the robot according to the Check-In time suck. Then you see how much dirt is still there.” The sensors of the robot is far more accurate and sensitive than before. During a Demonstration we also see why: The new vacuum cleaner moves exactly to the floor and strips along the gap distance is less than five millimeters. The side brush takes so the dust from the angle between the ground and the floor. Shows a built-in wardrobe, a small gap, the brush literally out clean. This is exactly what meticulous customers expect. The i9 departs from the outer edges of each area twice. Afterwards, you will be able to with the ear swab through the cracks, and will find no Dirt and more.

We have to admit: The show is impressive. Who wants to imitate the robot work itself, would have to lie on the belly, with the suction tube at the edges and at the same time the cracks with a toothbrush, and a day on all edges of the apartment. Only the Software needs to be adjusted, in the frontal approach of the robot to drive as close to the wall until the Sensors in the Bumper stop. The Roomba can also contact.

Elegant appearance

on top of that, the robot has a new very classy Look bought. The small Robbi is Instagram-ready and in his precious matte metal finish self-aware as the equivalent household object. Also handy: An unobtrusive LED lighting displays, in which activity of the robots is just.


Against the Braava Jet m6 of the old 240 is a toy.

©iRobot PR wiper robot for the whole apartment

But Suck is a discipline that Wipe a other. Here, too, Roomba showed a new device. The predecessor, the Braava Jet 240 is a very small wiper, which you certainly saw that the design was bought and not from iRobot comes. The new device, the Braava Jet m6, is in a whole other class. It is significantly larger, and it loads to a base station. In the previous, you had to remove after every use the battery to full charge. A larger water tank, more powerful batteries, and more engine Power, it is now possible that the wiper wipes not only a room, but the hard floors in the whole apartment. It is possible to dose the amount of water sprayed to any room.

robot vacuum Botvac D7 Connected – The new Generation of vacuum robots is smarter and sucks better By Gernot Kramper

The robot now works so that it applies water only to the area, he has already traveled. In Japan, there have been problems, of which no one had thought that they existed. “The Japanese use doors and walls made of rice paper,” says Hild. The have wet the bed the previous then.

Braava Jet m6 is heavier, the engines more powerful, the cleaning pad is moved with more energy on the ground – the dirt-dissolving effect is likely to not equal better.

a Small disadvantage is that The wiper must not climb on to carpets, therefore, he makes the case of small elevations. This can reduce its ability to move into existing buildings because of the door sills. It is still unclear whether you can move it later, via Software, to rolling over, at least for low Thresholds. More than a Bonus: The Software is able to coordinate the two devices. Then a Zone is vacuumed first and then mopped. Pretty perfectly.

Clean for all Meticulous

Our conclusion: Impressive – vacs and wipers are in a class by itself. Visually, the devices fall in the classy furnished apartments, is certainly not negative. Everything was great, if only the price would not be. The flagship of the Neato is also a good and clever vacuum cleaner and the D7 Connected you can get for a little more than 500 euros.

Hild is absolutely right: Roomba s9+and Braava Jet m6 are not for everyone. First, you need to have the necessary money, and secondly, you should place great value on meticulous cleanliness. Evil said: are these the right devices for the persons that control a use of the cleaning woman meticulously the hidden corners on pore-deep cleanliness.

to Meet these factors on you, fits perfectly this Duo of iRobot for sure.

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Gernot Kramper