The Internet is full of cats, but none of them was as famous as you: Grumpy Cat. The cat with the grumpy facial expression, died on the 14. In may, shared their owners on Twitter. She was peacefully divorced in the arms of her owner, Tabatha Bundensen then, it is said in the Tweet. “Our hearts are broken,” writes the family that owned the cat. Grumpy Cat was seven years old.

Actually, the animal Tardar Sauce was on the Internet it is quickly as a grumpy cat famous. This was mainly due to the unique facial expression. Grumpy Cat was online on the universally understandable form of expression for a bad mood.

The first appearance of the cat on 22. September 2012 on the platform of Reddit. A Video that was uploaded three days later, on Youtube, now has more than 21.5 million views. Subsequently, Grumpy has-Cat to our own Internet brand, with Accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Books you have to sell best-sellers, T-Shirts with the bad-tempered face all over the world, even in the movies Grumpy Cat appeared.

Deceased Stars Of these Celebrities, we had to 2019 say goodbye to Grumpy Cat earned with your grumpy face million

Even with a private Manager, the cat had around it a whole Business, which earned the owners a high level of income was created. How high exactly is not known – the British “Express” reported in 2014 that Grumpy Cat had taken up within two years 100 million dollars, more than many famous actors. Owner Bundesen denied the Numbers but. Grumpy Cats Manager confirmed, however, at least, that was buzzing in the seven-digit range.

In the social networks the User say goodbye to your favorite cat. “We love you and we will always love you,” writes a Twitter user.

“I loved this cat. I had the privilege of meeting them once and will never forget it. I’ll never forget how I saw for the first Time this face. I have learned a lot from her,” tweeted one admirer.

As the owner said, died Grumpy Cat to complications occurring after a urinary tract infection. “Grumpy Cat has brought millions of people in the world to Smile, even when times were hard. Your spirit will live on through your Fans everywhere,” writes the family goodbye.

sources: Grumpy Cat on Twitter / “Express” / Grumpy Cat on Youtube