For its top Smartphones, Huawei is driving since some years a two-pronged approach: In the case of the P-series, the Chinese focus on Design and the powerful camera. The Mate models are available, however, for technology full. Now, the group with the Mate 30 and the Mate 30 Per has presented his most potent devices of the year. And the first top models, on which no Google-run services.

to blame for the dispute the company had with the United States is, as is well known,. Of “hard times,” said Smartphone-chief Richard Yu at the presentation. Google was banned in new models with the Chinese to cooperate, the Mate comes as the first model without Gmail, Maps and the Play Store on the market.

This is a pity, because the new models are brimming with innovative technology. They wanted to mention “the technology industry with the Mate,” said Yu claim to the series. In fact, the two models are probably the most exciting Smartphones of the year with the exception of experiments such as the folding models from Samsung and Huawei once.

focus on the point-and-Shoot

As Apple last week also Huawei wants to score, especially with the camera. After Apple introduced just the iPhone 11 Pro his first Three-camera, is Huawei, with its Four-fold point-and-Shoot one. In addition to wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle and tele-photo lens 30 Per installed Huawei the Mate for the first Time, a 3D Senor. In addition, it uses not one, but two image sensors (once RYYB and once RGGB) to be, respectively, 125 percent greater than that of the individual sensors of the competitors. 137 percent more light to capture 40-Megapixel sensor in such a way, promises to Huawei. In addition, an optical and a digital 30 – fold Zoom is possible.

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Also brings in the Video the Chinese place. The new cameras support Ultra-Slow-Motion with incredible 7680 images the second. It plays a one-second recording with 60 frames, the second stretch of the second on two minutes. What the good is, is an open question. Technically impressive, it is all. Something everyday the possibility of the blur effect, Bokeh also live in Videos use is.

The Mate 30 Per only one of the big Sensors (RYYB), and instead of the 3D-sensor is a Laser-focus comes in. The promises are still good, but less revolutionary images.

Whether or not the many of the new features actually lead to better photos and Videos, can already prove to be a Test.

Stylish Look

the importance of Huawei, the camera takes when Mate, the Design. It reminds us not to Accidentally classic Kompaktameras. In the big, raised Ring on the back of the four cameras can accommodate. On the front is oriented Huawei clear in the case of Samsung. The edges of the 6,53 inch large screen dome over the sides of stainless steel frame, leaving a quasi-borderless impression. The side buttons fall off. Instead, the edge of the Display to the volume control to be used and triggers about Selfies.

an Interview, Richard Yu Huawei’s Smartphone chief, in an Interview: “Our products are safer,” By Malte Mans

retrieves the Display of The Mate 30 is 6.62 inches minimum larger, because Huawei uses a slightly wider brim, it is also greater. But there are classic Buttons.

The Design of the back has Huawei also come up with something. The gradients of the last models to go out now materials, are the top glossy and bottom matte. So offer the fashionable Look, without the well-known fingerprint-is a Problem, promises to be Yu. In addition, there are two variants in synthetic leather.

endurance runner

As for the processor, Huawei relies on the self-developed, very fast Kirin 990 5G. As the Name suggests, the future technology of 5G is installed directly in the Chip. 21 antennas stuck in the 5G Version of the Mate 30 Per, alone 14 of them for the 5G Standard. The device supports in both SIM Slots 5G, even if not at the same time. As a memory, 8GB each, as a data memory when Mate 30 of 128 GB and the Mate 30 Pro 256 GB installed.

for years the Mates of true life are runners, also this year, Huawei presents strong. The battery is grown with 4500 mAH in the Mate 30 Pro and 4200 mAh in the Mate 30 again. Although the pure mAh number tells us very little, since the last Mate-held models like two days, is the larger battery but is quite promising. By a new cooling solution from the graphs can be loaded with up to 40 watts, making it even faster. Even wireless are now supported up to 27 watts.

for More exciting new features:

Via wireless connection, the screen of the Mate 30 to Huawei Computer, and then enables it to files easily move it around.The Mate 30 can be in the case of some car manufacturers use, to öffnenWie to the car, of the Note 10 Samsung supports the Mate 30 a of the operation by the pen

The Huawei Mate 30 costs from 799 Euro, the Mate 30 Per even 1099 Euro. The Version with 5G cost 100 Euro more. Both are soon to be available.

Huawei Has without Google a Chance?

a very important point Huawei was not included in the presentation: As the first Huawei Smartphones will not be delivered to the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Per with Google’s services. What is in Google Mail or calendar is still bearable, is when the App store Google Play is a real Problem.

While there is not in Huawei’s so-called App Gallery the most important Apps, a selection of Google’s platform, but there are. Install to is possible, with the fewest customers but they will not do. This seems to be Huawei is aware of: it is going To invest a billion dollars to make the platform for developers is attractive, said Yu at the presentation.

Whether that will be enough in view of the high prices of new Smartphones in order to convince the customer, must show up.

in addition to the Mate 30 and the Mate 30 per Huawei before also announced the Smartwatch Huawei GT2. You should especially convince with an extremely long runtime of just 14 days. In addition, you are presented with the Huawei Vision is a first series of smart TV. The Quantum Dot TVs are available in 55, 65 and 75-inch models, and with Huawei’s own voice assistant control.

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