The mail app has been shown the users of other people's letters

In Edison Mail is one of the most popular email clients for iPhone, iPad and Mac – there was a major problem with the privacy. According to several users, the app by mistake, they discovered unauthorized access to someone else’s mailbox.

Letters from strangers began to appear after you enable the sync to the new account that appeared in Edison Mail last week. However, it appeared that the application imports not only private letters, but correspondence with foreign accounts.

@Edison_apps Guys, I see strangers’ e-mail in my app after you added sync features. I can see their email, so they can probably see mine. Despite what your blog post says I CANNOT change my sync account and all I can do is block myself and them from ever using the app. Clusterf*.

– Thomas W (@trezzer) May 16, 2020

One of the first on the problem specified by the user @trezzer. “I just updated @Edisonapps Mail, and then enable the new feature sync the app got an account that does not belong to me, and which I could get full access – he wrote on Twitter. – This is a very significant security issue. To access someone else’s electronic mail without the credential! Never trust this app”.

I just updated @Edison_apps Mail &, after enabling a new sync feature, an email account THAT IS NOT MINE showed up in the app, that I could seemingly axcess completely.
This is a SIGNIFICANT security issue. Accessing another’s email w/o credentials! Never trusting this app again.

– Zach (@zmknox) May 16, 2020

Another user Mail Edison @zmknox noticed that to eliminate unauthorized access, changing the settings, will not work. “I can see their email, and they can probably see mine, he said to the developers. – Despite the claims in your blog, I can’t turn off sync, so all I have to do is to block for yourself and them the opportunity to use the app”.

As explained by 9to5Mac, the company’s representatives, the error occurred only the iOS version of Edison Mail and has affected “a small percentage of our users”. The press service added that it has withdrawn the update, notified affected and continue to work to eliminate errors.

Text: To.Hi-tech