The technician thinks only in the duel against Rayo, although the Tuesday is to play the options to continue in the Champions league in Turin

“If there are no outputs, there will not be tickets”, ensures on the winter market

What has been said so many times that almost sounds like a litany. The Valencia can’t think about anything other than the League, even though the horizon shows a visit to Turin in which scoring is vital to stay alive in the Champions League. But the survival, the staple food for a team that has started the season hungry, are the three points against Rayo Vallecano in Mestalla, where, although it sounds incredible, the Valencia has not managed to win.

“Given our start to the competition the match is key because the League is the competition more important for us,” insists Marcellin. “We have to think about in this game and when we finish we will think about Juve,” he warned.

The break garter belts arrived just at a time when you began to notice an improvement in the game and the results, something that the coaching staff expects that to continue. To do this repeat all the parts of the eleven that can. “It is possible that a large portion of the players that formed the last line-repeat”, do not hesitate to recognize the coach asturian, although you may be forced to make touch-ups because Garay and Paulista drag discomfort and Guedes suffers an imbalance pelvic expected to not pass a bill.

If in the defense there is any doubt, in the front are cleared. Goals from Batshuayi Belgium will open the door of the call, but the ownership is expensive. “To me, what interests me is that target goals with Valencia. You know what happens with him, and it is a matter of adaptation and performance,” he said. “We will continue providing all possible adaptation to which their performance matches their ability, but at the same time showing him the same demands as their peers,” added the coach.

Meanwhile, the task of attack will be entrusted to Santi Mina and Rodrigo. Marcellin’s faith in the Spanish international remains blind. “We trust absolutely in him. We believe in your ability, talent and attitude. In addition, although we know that strikers need goals, it gives us continuity in the game, and depth and is a good passer. Such actions are of great utility,” he said.

The coach is aware that it cannot afford more setbacks and insisted that the Lightning will not be a rival affordable. “It would be a mistake. We fully respect a very dynamic, daring, that goes up but we know that we have to win in order to consolidate the streak”, he recalled.

“we Want to achieve the second victory followed at home in different competitions and the second followed in the League. Because we know that the victories of dan joy,” he said.

No transfers

With the winter market just around the corner, and after the meetings held with agents in the past few weeks, the priest closed the door to the arrival of new signings unless a condition is met: that you have outputs. “If there are no outputs, no inputs. Because this coaching staff is satisfied with the team. And if there is someone it will be because he wants to do it,” he said.

this is Not the case, said the coach, of Murillo, and the Lato, which become to be out of the calls. In addition, they both ask for “constancy in the effort, which always has a prize”. “The season is very long and you must always be willing and available. It is obvious that the non-playing is not to your liking and it will be worse than the rest but you have to know out of those situations,” he said.

According to the criteria of

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