Tesla chief Elon Musk must be set in accordance with an agreement with the U.S. securities and exchange Commission SEC to significantly more restrictions in his behavior on Twitter.

The agreement, which must be by the competent judge approved, enumerates the topics that are considered relevant for the exchange rate. These include Finance, production targets, Acquisitions, and mergers. In these cases Musk will leave any communications or information in advance of a securities matters experienced attorney to approve, as from the on Friday published paper.

last year, the SEC and Musk had agreed to the fact that the Tesla CEO must have all course-relevant Tweets first. It was, however, not clearly regulated, such as concrete, it is decided whether the messages can impact on Tesla’s stock price. So, it turned out that since then, not a single Musk-tweets have been checked and.

The dispute flared up in February, again, as Musk, in a Tweet said that Tesla will build this year to 500,000 vehicles. The official forecast of the company stood at 400,000 cars and Musk made it clear a few hours later that he had meant the annual projected production rate by the end of 2019. The SEC looked through the tweets of the agreement last year injured, and called for a penalty for contempt of court. Tesla denied that the Expression rate was relevant.

In the most recent quarterly report, it was a few days ago now, at the same time, Tesla could produce this year to 500,000 vehicles, when the new factory can be set up in Shanghai for the fourth quarter. The forecast for deliveries with up to 400,000.

The original settlement was come to in the past year, after Musk investors had irritated on Twitter with half-baked plans for a stock market retreat of Tesla’s, and the SEC sued him for market manipulation. The Supervisory authority wanted to let Musk first of all, even the Chairman of the Board prohibit. Then they agreed on the compromise, in accordance with the Musk for several years the chair of the Board of Directors of the company had to give up.