The Ascent has been a great experience around these parts. Andy scored the isometric RPG 84%, citing its breathtaking cyberpunk world and crisp combat. One notable problem was the lack of technical parity between Steam and Game Pass versions. Not only has co-op been a chore while using crossplay, but key graphical features like ray tracing and DLSS were completely absent from the Game Pass version at launch.

Neon Giant, a developer, says that some of these issues are now fixed by a patch distributed this morning to all platforms. The full list of performance enhancements is only applicable to PC versions.

  • Performance fixes for DX12, Ray Tracing and other Ray Tracing.
  • Notification to Players: There will be a 20-25 second delay in loading the Main Menu. This is to allow for some caching before you can play. This is a once-off event.
  • Players can now use Ray Tracing on the Windows Store.
  • NPCs loaded more efficiently
  • CPU performance mode for lower-end computers