The Japanese recognized as the fastest supercomputer in the world

a Supercomputer Fugaku, developed by the Japanese company Fujitsu, has topped the rating of 500 most powerful systems in the world, surpassing American and Chinese competitors. According to The New York Times, Japanese computing machine was almost three times faster than the nearest competitor.

Supercomputers are mainly used for scientific research in meteorology, nuclear power, genetic engineering, and for simulation of nuclear tests and study climate change. Fugaku, in particular, helps to predict the further spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19.

Development Fujitsu installed in the Institute of physical and chemical research RIKEN in Kobe. She performed 2.8 times more calculations per second than the second place IBM Summit, which is located in the National laboratory of oak ridge (Tennessee, USA). Third place in the prestigious Top500 list left for another Dell system, located at Lawrence Livermore national laboratory behalf of the Lawrence (California, USA). Rounded out the top five with two cars designed in China.

At the same time, Japan remains a small player in the market of supercomputers. For comparison, in China in the Top500 list has 226 systems on the US – 114. The last time a Japanese car was in the lead in the ranking in 2011 – then the “gold” was able to take the K Supercomputer.

it is Noteworthy that the basis of Fugaku are about 150 thousand processors on a “smartphone” the ARM architecture. The vast majority of other supercomputers of the Top500 relies on chips from Intel and AMD, originally designed for the PC.

the Organization of International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) has upgraded the rating of the Top500 twice a year – in summer and autumn. The first list was headed by the CM-5/1024, collected Thinking Machines in 1993.

Text: News.Hi-tech