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So his Fans love him: Erwin Pelzig

©imago/Rene Traut

The comedian Frank-Markus Barwasser (58) has two faces. The a – private – knows the General Public is hardly. The other belongs to his cult figure: Erwin Pelzig. A (only) seemingly simple-minded drip, main-Franconian dialect, red-and-white plaid shirt, jacket, zerknautschter Cordhut and Mr purse. This “Täschli” hangs the Furry is always on the wrist.

In an Interview with the “süddeutsche Zeitung” reveals Barwasser, what’s the bag with the hand to yourself: It is empty. However, in the early days of the Barwasser character of Erwin Pelzig, the handbag contained a certificates, any amount of money. The Barwasser-Gage.

And suddenly there was the Gage way

it happened like This: “When I was back in the early 90s, my first gigs, were paid fees on a cash basis. That was beautiful and sensual, his money was hanging scrolls to get. When I played seven days, came together in times of 2,000 to 3,000 Mark. And the were stolen from me once, when I was in Passau on the stage.”

Barwasser had stowed the Gage is still not in the Furry-Täschli, but in a suitcase with a combination lock, to the stand in the dressing room. During his presentation of the case was broken, and Gage was gone.

The money, which he never again

seen “After that, I inserted the money and am rarely with a few Thousand Mark in the handbag occurred,” explains Barwasser.

The stolen Gage he has never been back. “It was gone and I had to pay taxes on it, because I had taken the money, because the tax office knows no pity.”

Since then, the cashless payment traffic, the Erwin Pelzig (Barwasser about his character: “The lone Wolf”) is the “Täschli” but empty again.