After a long lull is 2019, the year in which the Smartphone manufacturer dared something. Foldable devices, new Display formats, folding in and out cameras, and, of course, the new Standard 5G: The battle for new Features and Standards has brought this year, a lot of movement in the market. Now, Apple has unveiled its new top models. And remained surprisingly conservative.

A dual-camera, a faster Chip and new colors – these are largely the innovations of the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 Pro is a greatly improved Display, a triple-Take and a significantly improved battery life add still. So some Fan that disappoint are likely to. Also, because many of the rumors traded functions were probably deleted on the last meters. The iPhone 11 is the, what used to be the S models were An evolution, not a Revolution. And reveals so much about Apple’s strategy.

to install Three cameras and a larger battery the iPhone 11: The new Apple Smartphone in a Quick Check Of Christoph Fröhlich Evolution instead of Revolution

Because, of course, Apple has not simply forgotten, new technologies such as faltbild screens, optical Zoom, quick-loading features, the new mobile radio standard or a folding Selfie camera. Even if some of these Features are now used even in middle-class Smartphones. It is a conscious decision to dispense with the current models out.

The certainly has something to do with Apple’s modified product cycle. From the iPhone 3G – the second iPhone ever – offered, the group in the two-year rhythm completely revamped models. In the intervening years, there was the S model, was a Mature, improved Version. With the iPhone 7, this has changed. Although it is not the “S” was called, it was, in effect, a further improved variant of the iPhone 6. Truly revolutionary, only the first built-in dual camera of the Plus model was. Also the iPhone 11, Apple is now the third Time on the form factor of the iPhone X with a new camera.

Apple Event: iPhone 11 in pictures: So chic Apple’s new Fullscreen

The most striking eye-catcher: The triple camera of the new iPhone 11 Pro. With it, you can’t zoom in, but also by wide-angle more surroundings in the shot. The optic is expected to tighten in the near term the looks.

©Christoph Fröhlich star online Altered buying cycles

With this strategy Apple adapts to the altered purchasing behavior. Earlier, almost all of the iPhones were purchased via mobile phone contracts. The expired after 24 months, and it was a new device. In the meantime, the customers buy but much less common in new Smartphones. A study just mentioned that the average usage time of 32 months. That’s the equivalent of almost three years, had indulged in Apple least between the completely redesigned iPhone models.

That Apple can afford to have these long cycles is also in the unique position in the market. Apple users usually buy a iPhone. And who does it rarely, gets, then, Yes, also a lot of innovations of recent years and is satisfied with it. Among the Android-competitors, the pressure is greater. Finally, the customer between the producers can freely switch back and forth. And: The average price is considerably lower. As a result, the margin decreases. No wonder the manufacturer shall mount up with always new Features to entice the customer for a premium device.

iPhone 11 presented Apple’s biggest Surprise was the iPhone Of the painted Mans do not get

That Apple is participating in experimental technologies, such as foldable Smartphones, surprised actually. With a few exceptions, such as FaceID, Apple is rarely with the new technology first in the market. Instead of like Samsung and Huawei already very early versions of devices, offer for sale, waiting to Apple the rule to the new technology for fully Mature. Often this pays off: The Apple Watch was not the first Smartwatch, but it is by far the most successful.

Apple is waiting for next year

if you Believe the rumors for the next iPhone, is 2020, significantly more New on the docket. Apple should build in a fingerprint Scanner in the Display, the have Android, some of the middle-class. The 5G Standard is designed to support the next iPhone. This is slower than the competitors, which already offer special models with 5G. A Problem that is not yet. In Germany, the first masts have been switched on. Until the end of 2021 they wanted to reach 20 million people, announced the Vodafone CEO in an Interview. To the end user is in need of 5G really, it will take still.

In another innovation, the residue is a bit annoying. So Apple still has a 2x Zoom, Huawei and other objects can be long without loss of 3x or even 5x zoom. Here, Apple would have been able to score points.

Also, more suspected, but probably painted novelty would have been welcome. So the iPhone 11 should support the Apple Pencil and the back of other devices, such as the Airpods, or other Smartphones can charge while it is hanging himself on the cable. In addition, it should be able to with a special dongle is provided with items such as a bunch of keys, directly in the room. At the launch of the anticipated Features were no longer an issue. The right Hardware has the iPhone 11: The U1 Chip allows devices in the room to places. Only the Dongle is missing. Maybe Apple is enough you still.

Nevertheless, the new iPhones offer innovations that are simply gone under. The support for the new Wifi Standard 6 should be in the short term about much more than 5G. Why learn here. On the Keynote it was but still only on the edge.

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