The hull of the ISS are corroded, there is a threat of depressurization – scientists

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the Scientists of the Institute of biomedical problems of the RAS confirmed that the international space station (ISS) has damage in the form of corrosion. It is noted that there is a risk of depressurization of the residential units is due to the formation of holes in the hull. About it reports RIA Novosti, referring to the material published in the scientific journal “Aerospace and environmental medicine”.

Specifies that the perpetrators of corrosion on the hull of the ISS are microorganisms that “eat through the station.”

“the Magnitude of corrosion damage and the threat of depressurization of the habitable modules have identified the need to develop monitoring tools revealed corrosion damage germanacos and process control of the residual thickness germanacos”, – stated in the study.

It added that the latest detection of corrosion is planning to develop all-Russian research Institute of physical-technical and Radiotechnical measurements. Then be tested on the ISS.

“the experiment will provide a means to identify pre-emergency situation, posing a threat of depressurization in habitable compartments”, – summarized in the material.

Earlier it was reported that India plans to launch into space a robot-woman. It was reported that he will be able to perform a variety of tasks, and speak English and Hindi.

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