The Top economic powers have agreed, for the first time on principles for dealing with Artificial intelligence.

Who is at the onset of AI (Artificial intelligence) or develop “should respect the principles of law, human rights and democratic values”, – stated in a on Saturday adopted a joint Declaration in the case of a Minister of the G20 countries meeting in the Japanese research city of Tsukuba. It was unclear, however, whether there will be a different theme at the conclusion of the two-day Ministerial meeting a joint Declaration: trade.

The G20 Meeting in Tsukuba will take place at a time, as between the United States and China, a trade war is raging. In view of this problem of skepticism in delegation circles, reigned can, the extent to which the member States before the G20 summit at the end of the month in Osaka, Japan, together. One of the contentious issues is Reform of the world trade organization (WTO). Whether it is this Sunday a joint Declaration of the trade Ministers, was uncertain.

Easier, however, the topic of digital economy. In order to promote confidence in AI technologies and the full potential of the technologies is to feel the community of States committed to a deal with AI, in the case of the man in the center stand, it said.

KI-systems “should be sturdy, secured and safe” during the entire period of use and should pose “no unacceptable security risks”, and of the agreed principles. It was the first Time that the G20 community dealt with this topic. In the case of the two-day Meeting, the Federal Minister for economic Affairs, Peter Altmaier (CDU) takes part, it is about trade and the digital economy. Japan campaigned for a worldwide free flow of data. The third largest economy in the world is the host of the G20 summit on 28. and 29. June in the city of Osaka.