The first ever rocket launch SpaceX crew will show online

may 27, 2020 may become history of Astronautics as the day when humans first reached the orbit of the Earth on aircraft, fully developed by a private company and owned. Previously, without the involvement of public organizations of people was launched only in suborbital flights.

Created by SpaceX Elon musk partially reusable heavy launch vehicle, the Falcon 9 and passenger ship Crew Dragon is supposed to start today from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in Florida. Task — to deliver to the International space station two NASA astronauts, Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken.

Together with @SpaceX, we will return human spaceflight to American soil after nearly a decade. Tomorrow is not only a big day for our teams — its a big day for our country.

– NASA (@NASA) May 27, 2020

Elon Musk has shared on Twitter a photo of the launch complex earlier this morning:


– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 27, 2020

the live broadcast of the launch, which is tentatively scheduled for 16:33 time East coast USA (23:33 MSK) can be viewed in the official YouTube-channel NASA:

As confirmed by CBS News in a press-service of the White house, the President, Donald trump has decided to personally attend the historic launch and will arrive at Cape Canaveral. Last week trump said he “thinks” about the visit of the cosmodrome and added that with pleasure would send the rocket into space journalists to get rid of them for some time.

However, the launch may still be delayed due to bad weather. If conditions are unfavorable, it will take on a 30th or 31st of may.

the First passenger vehicle SpaceX Crew Dragon is the evolution of the transport Dragon, recently made several deliveries to the ISS. All it can take Board to 7 members of the crew, however this time will fly only two, and the rest of the space is cargo.

the Interior of the ship is reminiscent of science fiction movies and serve as touch screens, as in other electric cars of the company Ilona Mask Tesla.

the Last time the National Directorate of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA) has launched its astronauts from US soil on American spacecraft in July 2011. After a disaster, “the space Shuttle” Columbia in 2003, it was decided to curtail the program of “shuttles” and focus on the development of the new ship, which would come to travel to the moon.

to save money and resources, flights to the ISS and the supply of personnel in recent years have realized, when ordering commercial launches on the side — the “Roskosmos” and the same for SpaceX. The head of the Russian space Corporation Dmitry Rogozin wished success to American colleagues and said: “Roskosmos” would be excited about the US manned alternative transportation system.

the First manned flight into space, organized by private companies took place in 2004-m to year — the rocket plane SpaceShipOne with pilot Brian and Bonnie on Board has reached a sub-orbital flight altitude of 100 km above the surface and successfully returned to Earth. For comparison, the orbital altitude of the ISS, where astronauts will carry Crew Dragon, exceeds 400 km SpaceShipOne has Developed and launched the company Mojave Aerospace Ventures — a joint venture of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and Scaled Composites, the company engineer Burt Rutan.

Text: News.Hi-tech