Three out of ten young people have heard, according to a survey by the digital Association Bitkom, have never even heard of a Fax machine. Among the 10 – to 11-Year-olds in Germany invented a milestone in the office of communication of the population are known.

The cassette recorder that is actually almost completely disappeared from everyday life, it has managed, however, in the technical history of the children and young people know that Only 15 percent of respondents can imagine including nothing.

“know of A Fax machine, the majority of children and young people, only from movies,” said Bitkom expert Marie Anne Nietan. “Digital technologies have replaced many of the long time used electronic device in the office or home in the living room in just a few years.”

Completely into oblivion soon, the Pager, the Mini-Disc and the floppy disk are likely to come. Of them, 88, 75, and 56 percent of the respondents are young people between 10 and 18 years of age have no idea.

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