It is named Revelation Blues, for lawful reasons.

Information relating to this missing Fallout 3 which might have been has appeared online at the decades since, giving it a mythical quality one of Fallout fans.

“We’ll remain loyal to the first Van Buren narrative as much as you can,” states the project’s page on NexusMods,”and in future we intend to add a high number of customized attributes. As of this moment, the job is still a WIP.” You can download and play with a presentation of Revelation Blues from this page at this time.

The first Van Buren could have been put in the calendar year 2253 and throw gamers as an escaped captive, drifting the American southwest while chased by autonomous prison guards. Post-apocalyptic versions of areas like Denver and also the Grand Canyon could have featured.

Components of Van Buren were recycled to Fallout New: Vegas–at the first match, Joshua Graham out of Honest Hearts could have been among the companions, and also you would have struck Caesar’s Legion in addition to travel to Hoover Dam. The modders working on Revelation Blues intend to dismiss the variations New Vegas and”will not cure FNV as cannon [sic] in any manner.”