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the Deputy Executive Director of the Association of retail companies (ACORT) Vladimir Ionkin has commented on Moscow 24 Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov about the fact that the American Corporation Apple a disadvantageous departure from Russia in view of the adoption of the law on the preset Russian software (SOFTWARE) on smartphones and computers.

“I agree with the words of Denis Manturov. I think that our market is large enough, you throw this market for any manufacturer is unprofitable, if you created the conditions under which its products are in demand among consumers”, – said the expert.

At first glance, it’s not critical. In addition, our Russian buyers have become so advanced that even if we will not deliver something out of technology, they will be able to buy it one way or another.
Mr Intensimeter Executive Director of the Association of companies of retail trade

the Expert also expressed the hope that our government will act “carefully, prudently and wisely” in relation to the list of “technically difficult goods”, which will affect the law banning the sale of electronic equipment other than prescribed by the government of the Russian.

Expert on the market of retail Andrey Karpov in an interview with Moscow 24 also shared his opinion on whether the Russians to fear the disappearance of any technical products from our market.

“His words are objective. I doubt that some products will disappear from our market. It may be a compromise in the availability of a particular for technically complex devices,” – said the expert.

Earlier it became known that the head of Minpromtorg Denis Manturov declared that the American Corporation Apple is disadvantageous departure from Russia. He commented on the enactment of the preset Russian software (SOFTWARE) on smartphones and computers.

“I don’t think my colleagues would be so prejudice that they will accept for themselves so unfavorable decision”, – said Manturov.

He added that “our market is extremely interesting” because “we have today is dominated by sales of it smartphones”.

the Minister pointed out that not everyone will buy Apple. “I, for example, Samsung”, – concluded the head of Department. He stressed that today in the market of smartphones in Russia are not dominated by Apple and other manufacturers.

In early December, Vladimir Putin signed a law banning the sale of electronic equipment, such as computers and smartphones, without Russian. It will enter into force on 1 July 2020. The lists of products and its installation will be determined by the government.

Roskoshestvo previously presented the updated ranking of the most popular smartphones. The leader was iPhone 11 Pro Max. It is noted that the performance of the new models of Apple’s camera were better. Quality photos and videos in the top 3 also included 11 iPhone Pro and iPhone 11.

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