The expert evaluated the technology of digital fingerprint of the call for fraud prevention

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the Head of the analytical center Zecurion, dealing with cybersecurity, Vladimir Ulyanov commented on the proposal to develop and implement a digital fingerprint of a call to combat telephone fraud.

According to the specialist, you need to fight first with the leak of customer databases.

“Even now, the operator can check whether the calling subscriber belongs to the room or not. But still there are technologies that allow you to bypass these checks,” – said Ulyanov in the interview with IA “NSN”.

He stressed that the problem lies in the fact that banks and other large organizations constantly flowing information.

“If calling someone in the street and asks to be called personal information, then a normal subscriber will send him to hell. But if the caller calls my name, knows the account number of the Bank, lying on her amount. The man concludes his call from the Bank, the level of confidence is higher,” – said Ulyanov.

Earlier, the Association of professional users of social networks and messengers (APSIM) proposed FAS new way to fight telephone scams. A letter was sent to the head of FAS Igor Artemyev.

As noted in the letter head APSIM Vladimir Zykov, Russia has increased the number of calls from fraudsters who are represented by employees of banks and are trying to ferret out confidential information. To fight it, as stated in the letter, you need to develop and implement digital fingerprinting call. According to Zykov, is a digital certificate with an encryption system assigned to each call operators.

Sberbank reported earlier that the popular ways of stealing money from cards calls from the “security” of the Bank, the buyer and the broker, as well as “surveys on behalf of the Bank.”

Citizens are advised not to perform any operations on the instructions of the caller. Once the source of popRoset to provide data from the card or the Internet Bank, you should immediately terminate the conversation.

in addition, the cyber fraudsters has developed new method of stealing money from Bank customers. They install on the smartphones remote access program.

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