four years ago, the luck laughed in the Thermomix. It seemed that everyone wanted to have in Europe, the outrageously expensive kitchen machine. And, although you couldn’t buy the device in Store and to order, at times for months on the kitchen helpers had to wait.

those days are over. According to a report in the “Rheinische Post” ends the production in Germany. A spokesman for the manufacturer, Vorwerk said to the leaf: “The Thermomix-production at the location in Wuppertal is expected to run in December 2019.” Then in Wuppertal, Germany, 200 full-time would eliminate jobs, up to 85 employees, a redundancy.

Boom in China in the Thermomix

In the years 2015 and 2016, the Thermomix is not established yet records, the last time it ran in Europe, but in Asia. The fact Vorwerk responded with a restructuring of production. The production in Wuppertal, Germany, is completed, a factory in China to arise. “We had excess capacity in the Thermomix in Europe, the growth opportunities are in Asia,” said works Council chief Ralf hut man of the newspaper. In China, the Thermomix-a fever is imminent, apparently. There, the company doubled its sales in a year. In 2019, it will amount to 200 million euros.

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From Europe, the company is not withdrawing. “The biggest production site continues to be our Thermomix factory in France, where the devices are manufactured for the major European markets”, a, Vorwerk spokesman. “The engine manufacturing and the manufacture of other components for the Thermomix, such as the mixing blade, is held in Wuppertal.”

cheap clones of the kitchen helper

In Europe, the market for the Thermomix, after the Boom years saturated. In addition to the high sales of the original product were offered in the last years, more and more cheap copies in large quantities by the major discounters in the market were down.

were Also angered loyal customers at the Start of the new Thermomix TM6. Customers who ordered a Thermomix, were disappointed, because the appearance of the new device was not announced early enough and they had to lay unaware of the outdated predecessor model.

Vorwerk in the Shitstorm “Fraudulent misrepresentation”? Customers are mad at Thermomix – the manufacturer

The Thermomix manufacturer Vorwerk says has problems: The company wants to bring a new Thermomix model at the Start. Customers who have purchased recently, the kitchen assistant are mad at you. They fear a loss of value and want to complain.

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