the Highlight of this year’s Apple Keynote: was the camera in the new iPhone 11 Pro. Not one, not two, but three lenses emblazoned on the back of the Apple Smartphones. The additional Ultra-wide-angle lens are not only used to get more into the picture, but also to improve the photos. Minutes demonstrated Apple’s Marketing chief Phil Schiller on the big stage, what are for shooting with the new phone. To see acting Black were professional-and-White shots, artistic portraits, plastic country schauf shots grace.

And many viewers asked themselves: Who needs in the face of such powerful phones – because it’s not just the iPhone great pictures, but also the devices from Huawei, Google, or Samsung actually a ‘proper’ camera snaps?

The quick death of the compact camera

This question seem to have been in the past few years, a lot of people. And a look at the latest Figures from the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) shows that the classic camera is in this duel is rarely a winner. 2007 – the year that the first iPhone was presented – continued the industry in the world, nearly 100 million cameras. 93 million of these were compact cameras, as you did before almost everyone of us had at parties in the bag. The peak was reached in 2010 when a total of 122 million devices were sold. From then on it went downhill.

In the first six months of this year, only seven million cameras have been sold four million models had interchangeable lenses, were directed more to professionals and Amateur photographers. The compact camera has virtually disappeared from the market. In other words: Within a decade an entire industry has slipped into irrelevance. All four of the major brands – Sony, Nikon, Fuji and Canon are reporting declines. There are a number of reasons.


The new Triple-camera in the iPhone 11 Pro allows for new photo formats

©Apple PR is denying the reality

The crisis is caused, in part, because manufacturers introduce new cameras with only small improvements, but ever more money demand. On the other, many of the managers don’t seem to realize that change in user habits radically. Who shares his picture on Whatsapp, which it doesn’t matter whether the image was taken with a 80 or 12 mega pixels. Hardly anyone shoots today, a photo of this in the lab develop. The beginning and the end of a photo of the digital screen instead.

images have become commonplace and no longer exclusively the product of a several Hundred Euro more expensive device that was created just for this purpose. We take Selfies, hold on to the moments with our family, show the world via social network, how fluffy the foam on our coffee with Milk looks like. These pictures by the way and are part of an endless stream, which extends from our devices directly to the Cloud.

highly specialized cameras still have their raison d’être. For the mass market Smartphone cameras are more than sufficient. This trend was a reversal of a few years ago is still not in sight.

Mathematical Tricks for more beautiful pictures

Because, actually, were the phone to take a picture doomed to Failure: The Sensors are tiny, the lenses are small, there are no interchangeable lenses. The physics seemed to make a dash through the bill. That Top Smartphones cameras are compact nowadays, equal or even superior to, is due to the fact that the developers have turned the former weaknesses of the Smartphones in Strengths.

Instead of classic cameras in small to build, perfected to the existing functions: focused on the fast electronic shutter, the powerful processors and clever Software. Modern Smartphone cameras are a Combination of lenses, high-performance Chips and Artificial intelligence.

Long ago, Smartphones represent the world as it is. Instead, we live in the era of the so-called Computational Photography, computer-aided photography.

the iPhone introduced Apple on Tuesday 11 Pro, was Marketing chief Phil Schiller not tired to emphasize, what were for Tricks since it is fully automated in the Background, even more of the pictures out. A Software Update will allow the camera with a Machine-Learning processes in the situation, which consists of nine single images with different exposure duration of a single to set high in terms of level of detail supposedly superior photo together. Apple calls this feature “Deep Fusion”.

Three cameras, and greater battery iPhone 11: The new Apple Smartphone in a Quick Check Of Christoph Fröhlich

other manufacturers to dig deep into the trick box. Google uses in its Pixel Phones the slight Shaking of the Hand, in order to get additional image Details and reduce the noise. Smartphones from LG and Huawei independently recognize, whether in front of the lens, a cat or a tree is located and choose automates the matching photo mode. This does not always work to full satisfaction, but the hit rates are rising. If Huawei at 19. September introduces in Munich, the new Mate 30 Per, is likely to be set the bar a little higher.

not Everything happens in the Background

What also contributes to the tremendous speed increase in Smartphones, many users do know is that Modern Smartphones to take photos already, as soon as the camera App is started. Basically, this is logical, finally, is displayed in the App the real-time image. The Smartphone packs the images in the Background but it automatically in the memory. If you push the photo Button, you have the photo taken in truth, so long ago – the camera App simply has to select the last image in Background archive. This way you have almost no delay anymore. A fact that you dared to dream a few years ago.

Similarly, the automation works in difficult ambient light. You shoot against the sun light or in the dark, launch a lot of Smartphones, an automatic HDR or night mode. In the process, multiple images are taken with different exposure levels – some are darker, others lighter. The dark areas are then populated with the Details from the bright shots, the overexposed parts, in turn, from the dark shots to be extracted.

A specially-trained algorithm will then adjust any discoloration on the reality. Some Algorithms are even able to detect motion and to minimize the motion blur. Within a fraction of a second one arises from unsightly, dark pixel porridge would have needed a presentable image,, for the conventional SLR cameras, a lot of Know-How, time, and handles.

The industry is not

to be spared Because every year sells hundreds of millions of new Smartphones, companies like Apple, Samsung and Huawei are investing billions in research and development in the camera sector.

For the manufacturer of the classic compact cameras this is not good news. If you don’t change your strategies, will you do as the manufacturers of navigation devices or Workstations – they are simply no longer needed. The new and the old world can also benefit from each other, shows Leica: in collaboration with Huawei, the German medium-sized company, developed the Smartphone cameras of the Chinese.

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