Divine surprise: Top Gun: Maverick will probably not revolutionize the 7th art, but take you to 7th heaven. By returning, thirty-five years later, to the role that propelled him to the stratosphere, Tom Cruise has held the stick in the right direction. That of a supersonic cinema experience and a flamboyant blockbuster, at the height of its noble mission: entertainment. You will in turn cling to your seat, have fun winking at the past, become attached to the fate of the characters…

In short: if you liked Top Gun, you’ll probably be drunk. But even if you’re not a fan of the original, its successor is sure to get you drunk. Icing on the fuselage: with a reasonable flight time (2h11), this new chapter far superior to its model allows us to propel us towards an emotional altitude almost fordian (Coppola). Propelled by an achievement of breathtaking magnitude, this feature film imposes a new stage in the virtuosity of aerial combat scenes. Between its roller coasters and its human conflicts, Top Gun: Maverick is savored like a dazzling sunrise/sunset, the return then the reverence of an old cowboy-knight from the sky. Cruise makes us climb very high, like Icarus, but without burning our wings. One word: go for it!

“Top Gun: Maverick,” by Joseph Kosinski. In a room.

The first peoples of Africa, Oceania or even America seem to have had more imagination than us by resorting sometimes to pearls, sometimes to shells, but also to jewels, cut stones, fabrics or even to dried tea ingots to trade since the dawn of mankind. Conceived as a journey, the exploration of the treasures of the Monnaie de Paris leads us to reflect, beyond the disturbing aesthetics of these objects, on what constitutes the price of works of art. Their rarity, no doubt, the aesthetic quality of the craftsmen who shaped them, too, but, above all, the symbolism attributed to them… and the belief that we have that they can serve as a “standard” of the world that surrounds us !

*Coins and wonders, exhibition at the Monnaie de Paris, until September 26.

Cluny Museum, National Museum of the Middle Ages: https://www.musee-moyenage.fr/

No more than the ball he organizes decidedly closer to a karaoke evening than an aristocratic cocktail. But the director is faithful to the spirit of the fable, at least as the Grimm brothers had treated it. It concentrates the plot of this show around the curse that constitutes for a girl the injunction that her dying mother gave her to think of her constantly. How do you live after making such a promise that prevents you from caring about yourself? How do you enjoy life in the face of such overwhelming commitment? Will Cinderella manage to find a way to reconcile memory and happiness? This rewriting of the legend will give viewers much to think about…

* Cinderella, by Joël Pommerat, Compagnie Louis Brouillard, at the Porte-Saint-Martin theater, until June 25.

The musical readings, with in particular Albin de la Simone or the writer adored by the creators of Matrix David Mitchell (the author of Cloud Atlas), take place between “ Accords and dissonances ”. We will also listen to Constance Debré and Laure Adler in the series of “Tales of silence”, coming to fill in the unspoken family or social and those of literary history. “What literature can do”: Nathalie Azoulai and Gaël Octavia will discuss a theme that inspired Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, Prix Goncourt 2021, also present in Marseille. Without forgetting the meetings “Personal history, collective memory”, with Arnaud Cathrine, where Olivia Ruiz will perform. As for “ La belle nuit du livre ” of May 28, two names are already enough not to miss anything from this promising watch: Georges Perec and Antoine Wauters.

Festival Oh les beaux jours.From May 24th to 29th. ohlesbeausjours.fr

After the great success of La Flamme, Jonathan Cohen and his troupe of actors are back for a new season on Canal. With Le Flambeau, it is no longer a question of parodying The Bachelor, the American reality TV show where a man must choose the woman he will marry, but Koh-Lanta, the survival game broadcast on TF1. The troupe of actors selected has evolved. Vincent Dedienne, who camped a wacky presenter, is no longer there. It is Jérôme Commandeur, who plays a tired Denis Brogniart, tired of the stupidity of the participants, who replaces him in the animation. We find Camille Chamoux, Géraldine Nakache, Ana Girardot and Adèle Exarchopoulos as well as the hilarious “Doctor Juiphe” played by Pierre Niney. Among the newcomers, the Marseillais who rolls in pastis Kad Merad and the influencer Mister V. The rhythm is at a brisk pace, marked by many punchlines and many twists. We laugh heartily, even if some somewhat clumsy gags don’t always hit the bull’s eye.

“Le Flambeau: the adventurers of Chupacabra”, French series by and with Jonathan Cohen (9 episodes) on Canal .