In Ubisoft’s Multiplayer Shooter, “The Division 2” we find answers to these questions and are in the process of the reconstruction of civilization on the Front line.

Washington in a state of siege

“The Division 2” seven months after the events of the first part. On the seemingly eternal Winter in New York in the spring. The Dollar-flu, a genetically modified flu virus, is on the decay. The few Survivors of the pandemic and the subsequent anarchy, to make the reconstruction. As the name comes to imaging Division, a group of civilian sleeper agent, that represents the last state line of defense, a distress call from the U.S. capital of Washington D. C.

There is Chaos. Rival Gangs and mercenary groups have filled the power vacuum that emerged after the collapse of the state violence. And because the human being is the human being still the largest Wolf, you have turned Washington into a slaughter-house, in which only the law of the jungle applies.

a New Sheriff in town

is not only a threat to the population, also the last remnant of the US government that has entrenched themselves in the White house, fighting for Survival. Rumors of a coup attempt. This may not allow the Division and send us to Washington with the law to enforce. Practically, the Division agent, judge, and executioner in one Person- who is crossing in front of our eyes, the law, dies.

For our archaic task of The Division 2″ a whole Arsenal of assault rifles, shotguns, and other instruments of death presents to us “. We are finally in the USA, where to 100 inhabitants 101 firearms. Ubisoft the way, the house serves as the Division’s agent as a headquarters.

Our shotgun at the ready, we spend in “The Division 2” a lot of time to rush through an extremely detail-in love and in a 1:1 scale copy of a Washington. The White house serves as a base of operations from which we gradually liberate the different districts of the U.S. capital. In doing so, we explore, among other things, the government district, make a trip to the U.S. national Museum and provide us with the battles in front of the Capitol. Ubisoft fights take place at well-known landmarks – the Lincoln Memorial

Armed reconstruction

Beyond the moderately exciting story about a super virus, government collapse, and bad boys, are we allowed to attack the civilian population in the reconstruction. So we gather around food and water, capture control points and save Scourged before their execution. In a settlement, a woman asked us to find the Declaration of independence. For us as a Constitution-abiding US agents, it was a matter of honor, to roll out immediately to the rescue.

The more we, the population, the greater the individual municipalities. The hand has definite advantages, since the settlements to send patrols through the city, which allows us to engage in battle under the arms.

in addition, we may hire new officers for our operation base out of the communities that give us access to new game areas, or a Crafting Station, we can forge weapons and other equipment. So, we get the feeling that our actions have in the game world-real impact – this is pure Motivation. Ubisoft After the virus disaster civilians in the tentative reconstruction

warriors, or storm medic

Drones To the side, not only a billion weapons felt us in the fight to Washington. As a member of the Division, we also have access to many of the technical gizmos. We can use drones to start, the opponent with the built-in machines, needling guns, rolling bombs, hide shields behind heavy Storm.

The skills we unlock in the course of our deployment. Two at the same time. The game doesn’t let us the choice to use fixed classes, there are – we can be as healing storm soldier as well, such as drone-sniper.

To the second it dies slower

keyword, choice: “Division 2” also lets us choose whether we go alone or with up to three other human agents in a Team, want to act. All of the operations that can indeed be easily alone. More fun, however, if we coordinate our work with colleagues, plan their strategies and we cover for each other.

This is especially true for the so-called “Dark Zones”, special game areas can be found in which we are particularly strong equipment. There we meet not only on stronger opponents. Other players are looking for a super assault rifles and Body armour. And allows us to attack in contrast to the rest of the game world, and kill them. Team will play here. Ubisoft looters and violent fanatics make life difficult for us

Whether it is the “Dark Zone” or normal game world: The opponent to act extremely aggressively, to flank to try and build a lot of pressure. In addition, we put a shot up our armor, only a few hits. The countless shootings are going to play in “Division 2” pleasing crisp and challenging.

Virtual tour

the game mechanically, Division 2 “offers” in spite of innovations, especially well-Known. Anyone who has played the first part, will be found immediately to the right. The Swedish developer Massive has sanded especially on the corners and edges of the predecessor, so that the game from the Start feels way round. Really new, especially the settlements, which bring a good amount of depth.

The true innovation of the “Division 2” is the game world. And it has with it. Massive has seen a great deal of energy to create a very believable environment. The streets and buildings of the US capital are extremely recreated with attention to detail. Who needs to walk from the White house towards the Capitol opens for this because of the 1:1 scale for as long as he needed it in the real Washington. Ubisoft The virtual Washington is in the scale of 1:1 replicated

On the streets of abandoned vehicles around, wild ivy entwined the pillars of the Lincoln Memorial high, and raccoons are looking for in the garbage of the past civilization after Food. The virtual Washington D. C. is a real experience that has created a game yet.

Everywhere there is to discover in addition to small stories, as we entered about happened to have a cellar, we found there is evidence of illegal dog fighting. All in all, makes the game world a much more vivid impression than in the predecessor. To do this, we discover, as in the previous lost mobile phones on which we can listen to the last conversations of their owners. So we get glimpses of a civilization just before its disintegration.

is it Worth it?

“Division 2” became a very successful successor. Massive has rotated to the correct screws, to an improved gaming experience. So, the enemies hold such far less than in the predecessor. This is one of the biggest points of criticism from the table, the battles play out now, much smoother and a tad more realistic.

in addition, there are the settlements now to do much more, than in the predecessor. The virtual New York was after the completion of the main campaign is more or less empty, we are pleased to now with in addition to tasks Packed game world. For the Lategame, the time after the main campaign, Massive in addition, a new group can think of. The is particularly strong opponents, and provides new challenges. Thus Division 2 is expected to come “” less quickly the air than its predecessor.

The core game mechanics has not stirred a Massive but-and which remains as uniform as in part one. We are looking for cover, shoot, cover, shoot, seek cover, and so on. Although this makes for quite fun, but despite the higher level of difficulty quickly. Just who has played the first part, in terms of Gameplay with “Division 2” more of the Same. Ubisoft, The battles are quite challenging. Here it just goes against the Lategame-group Black Tusk

Who had fun with it, it is allowed to access the second part of safely and a fantastic game world to look forward to. The same applies for Fans of the Story and the Settings. Whom “The Division”, however, was quickly bored, should maybe wait a bit. In a couple of weeks, it should be clear whether the second part is in terms of long-term motivation more convincing than was the case with its predecessor. Then can open the door where the last of the doubters to Washington D. C..

Details: “The Division 2” will be released on 15. March for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A Version of the game for around 60 euros. For this, players receive about 40 hours of gameplay with the campaign. Who dives into the Depths of the Multiplayer title, it should be employed up to 100 hours.

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