If you’ve ever heard of Foodfight!, you probably know it as one of the worst movies ever made. The CG animated comedy was originally set to be released in 2003 but faced constant delays and production issues, leading to its eventual release in 2012 through an insurance company. The film featured a bizarre mix of product mascots and unattractive characters voiced by famous actors like Wayne Brady, Eva Longoria, Hillary Duff, and Charlie Sheen, who played the lead role of a talking dog-human detective.

Along with the movie, a tie-in video game was planned to be released during the PS2 era. The game was being developed by Cat Daddy for multiple platforms including Wii, PS2, Xbox, and DS. Playable demos were showcased at E3 2006, but as development on the movie continued to face challenges, it became clear that the game would not be completed on time. In 2008, Cat Daddy made the decision to cancel production on the tie-in game and focus on other projects.

Recently, new information about the long-lost Foodfight! game has surfaced thanks to a blog on Mimeohead. The blog, written by Ziggy who spoke to Foodfight! developer Harley Howe, shed light on the development process of the game and the challenges faced by the team. Despite the game’s cancellation, the experience helped Cat Daddy grow as a studio and transition to working on larger projects. Howe was also able to share assets from the game online, allowing fans to explore the game’s models, music, and other digital elements.

Although the tie-in game was never completed, the story of its development provides insight into the challenges faced by the team and the eventual success of Cat Daddy as a studio. While we may never get to play the unfinished demos, the availability of assets online allows us to appreciate the effort that went into creating the game. Despite the rocky journey of Foodfight! and its tie-in game, there is a silver lining in the form of Cat Daddy’s growth and continued existence in the gaming industry.