The developers have issued the first computers with its own Apple chips

the Company Apple Developer Transition Kit (DTK) is a special kits that enable developers to begin adapting their macOS applications for the new processor architecture now. The device looks like a regular Mac Mini, but instead of the Intel Core it installed mobile ARM-chip A12Z Bionic by Apple (the same used in iPad Pro 2020).

we will Remind, last week the company announced that laptops and Mac computers next generation will be established ARM processors, not Intel x86 that have been used since 2006. Software created for x86, is incompatible with ARM, so developers need to rewrite their applications for future computers.

For those who want to do it as early as possible, Apple has offered a Universal App Quick Start Program, in which you can take in the annual rent set with a modified Mac Mini for $500. Along with this the developers sign an agreement that forbids them to share any information about devices.

However, writes Ars Technica, some of it didn’t stop him from theft in the online Geekbench database. According to records, DTK is equipped with four virtual cores (although A12Z their eight – four energy-efficient and four high-performance). Also machines are equipped with 16 gigabytes of RAM and a storage capacity of 512 GB.

the Measurements were carried out in 5.2.0 version of Geekbench for Mac OS x86 (64-bit), that is run with the help of technology Rosetta 2, emulates x86 on ARM processor. In a single-threaded test, DTK scored 811 points (which is 20% slower than the simple chip i3-1000ng4 in the Macbook Air) in a multi-threaded – 2781 (38% faster than its the same).

As expected, consumers will be able to buy Mac c its own processor Apple before the end of the year. At the presentation, CEO Tim cook said that the Mac’s transition to processors with the new architecture will take two years, while macOS will continue to update itkomputerow with Intel chips are still “many years”.

Text: To.Hi-tech