The mystery of the flight pioneer Amelia Earhart holds the world in suspense. At the beginning of the month, the world-famous Robert Ballard announced that he will make on the search for Amelia Earharts lost plane, a Lockheed Model 10-E Electra, which was passed in the Pacific. The deep-sea researchers had tracked in addition to other wrecks already, the Titanic and the patrol boat of John F. Kennedy from the Second world war. Now there is a new, horrible theory to the end of Earhart. It says that Earhart or her body of a huge crab parts and was eaten. That would be an explanation of why it’s so hard, the Remains of the pilot to find.

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Amelia Earhart in front of Lockheed Electra in which she disappeared in July 1937.

the legend of The pilot

On 2. July, 1937, there were Earhart and her Navigator, Fred Noonan, on the way to Howland Island in the Pacific. They were flown for six weeks and had already laid the 32,000 kilometers of their journey around the world. At this time, Earhart was already a legend. She was the first woman who flew solo across the Atlantic and from Hawaii to the U.S. mainland; their flight around the earth should be the crowning achievement of their careers. But Earhart and Noonan did not make it to Howland Island. Somewhere along the way they went, and their Lockheed Electra lost.

Failed to circumnavigate the globe aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart died in misery on a Pacific island By Gernot Kramper

The official theory is that the Electra ran out of gas and somewhere in the vicinity of Howland plunged into the sea. But there are also dissenting opinions. You assume that Earhart and Noonan were to land 350 miles from Howland far on Nikumaroro Island.

island theory

TIGHAR (the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery) – is the name of a group that has dedicated itself to the search for Earhart. Your theory is based on several assumptions. The first is that the Eelctra with Earhart and Noonan Howland crashed on Board simply and sank into the sea, but to the fact that the pilot managed to ditching in the ocean on the sea, and that at least one Person lived for some time, and radio messages could be set off. For this hypothesis speaks that in the time after the Disappearance a large-scale search operation was launched – many garbled radio were collected sayings, the Earhart can be assigned.

stating The second assumption of the group that Earhart and Noonan Howland were on the island of Nikumaroro beaches, where Earhart is said to have even survived for some time, before you died of slow, as there are on the island there is no fresh water source.

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the wreck of the machine was never found on the island, but it is quite plausible that it was purged after the ditching in the vicinity of the reef back into the sea.

Bones of 1940

The Nikumaroro theory is Essentially a bone Fund from the year 1940. At that time, the British had established a settlement on the island. In the same year, Gerald Gallagher, the Manager, human bones found on the island. It seems to be proved that any of the ship died, cast away on the island. A skeleton has not been found, but only 13 bones. An analysis of photos of the bones showed that they can in fact come from Earhart – the disproportionate length of the arms indicates to the pilot. A real proof of this bone are not provided. Because in the years after 1940, the Box was not lost on me the Remains, simply, an analysis of the DNA was possible.

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For a few years now after bones on Nikumaroro – finally, a normal person has 206 bones. Regardless of whether the Dead man was, in fact, Earhart, of them would be more 193 bone finding – or at least bits and pieces. Already a part of a human skeleton could answer in light of today’s scientific opportunities, the question of whether the skeleton is from Earhart is, without a doubt. So was vigorously searched, even with dogs – but no bones appeared.

Scattered Starved to death in underground passages, Failed to circumnavigate the globe, and thirst – mystery of the death of aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart solved By Gernot Kramper

A result that the researchers had not expected. Presumably, they had taken into account a disappointment on the inside – for the case that the skeleton of an Unknown came. But the Disappearance of the rest of the bone they had not seen before. But now there is an explanation for them: The island of Nikumaroro is inhabited by monster crabs. In fact, the animals coconut hot crab – but they are monstrous in size. Your scissors have a wingspan of almost a Meter and they are about four pounds. Because of the force of the scissors, you should go to the animals out of the way.

Gerald Gallagher, wrote in 1940 in a telegram that “coconut crabs had scattered many bones”. Now, National Geographic reported, “” an Experiment with the carcass of a dead pig. It confirmed the presumption that crabs can be the Disappearance of the bone is to blame. After a year, parts of the pig in the Crab cavities were in 20 meters radius spread. Now the group wants to search again with special search dogs, the hidden corpses can be found. You hope so but still to push to a larger bone.

at the same time, the archaeologist Fredrik have Hiebert and his Team tracked may be fragments of bone discovery of 1940. These are the fragments of the skull that belonged to an adult woman. Erin Kimmerle of the University of South Florida, told the magazine that there is as yet no clear evidence, “but all the tracks indicate that the 1940s bones are in this Museum.” The scientists are planning to reconstruct the shape of the skull and also to check the DNA.

if the skull is indeed from Earhart, she has experienced a cruel end. Rich Gillespiel of TIGHAR suspects that the wreck lay on the beach and by the waves into the sea was flushed. “You lived a time on the island. We have records of rescue fire. Measured at the bone, found in Birdsrules and fishing, she has weeks, if not months survived there.” Earharts Navigator Fred Noonan before be died. In the first rescue Earhart referred to call him as injured.

in The end, it must be a hopeless, terrible struggle for Survival have been. The vital water settled on Nikumaroro from the Vegetation, because there is no source of drinking water. So Earharts could delay the Thirst but only out. So far, it was assumed that they had gone to a lack of water and inadequate nutrition based. Now it is to be feared even that the crabs have eaten the Dying, as soon as she was too weak to the animals to fend off.

source: National Geographic

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