The cyber fraudsters steal money through fake courier services

the Increased demand for courier services has decided to exploit. Fake services, stealing money and credit cards users using phishing sites of popular courier services, the company said Group-IB, specializing in the prevention of cyber attacks. The daily turnover of only one of the fraudulent groups exceeds 200 thousand rubles. In General, over the last six months the number of registration of phishing domains to brands courier services, increased by 7 times.

the Attackers are placed on popular services free ads lure — the announcement of the sale at deliberately understated prices of products, designed for different target audience. The buyer, intrigued by the great offer associated with the seller in the internal chat service where scams usually offer to continue the discussion of purchase and delivery of goods in one of the popular instant messengers.

In the third-party chat, the attacker requests to provide contact information (name, address and phone number) supposedly in order to arrange delivery via a courier service. Then the victim is sent a link to one of the sites popular courier services that turns out to be a phishing page. While branding and website design similar to the original.

On the fake page to the victim are requested to check the correctness of the information and to make payment by entering their card details. In the end the buyer loses money and data cards, while remaining without goods. On average, one client cheaters cheat in the amount of 15-30 thousand rubles.

Sometimes, scammers don’t stop after a couple of days after payment buyer reported that the item cannot be delivered for payment the transferred amount is necessary to issue a “refund”. In this case, card is re-writing off the same amount.

Criminal groups hiring “employees” that post ad-bait via telegram-bot. Experts report that the daily turnover of one such criminal group is more than 200 thousand rubles. it is Noteworthy that the proceeds of other criminal groups has grown rapidly in recent months: 784600 RUB (January), 3 ,5 million RUB (February), 6.2 million rubles (March), 8.9 million RUB (April).

the Staff of CERT-GIB together with the specialists of SDEK and “Avito” I advise you to be careful and not to react to large discounts on equipment. This is one of the signs that lot-the bait on the free classified ads website created by the scammers.

it is also Important to conduct all correspondence in the chat service ads, not to go on the messengers when buying used goods. It is not necessary to pay in advance – pay only when received the goods.

Before you enter any form of data of your Bank card – examine the address of the site. For example, the site — and other addresses (, directly point to the forgery.