The story of a pre-shoot with its vagaries, its surprises, its tensions, its pretense, its little cowardice and the disproportionate ego of the director and the actors. A movie within a movie about a bored billionaire who wants to produce a work with stars. “History, he says, of leaving a mark in history”, and finishing on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. Hence the title. The authors and directors of this Official Competition, the Argentinians Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat, have a voluble humor and sign a scathing comedy. It is entirely carried by three performers who know the subject like the back of their hands. Penélope Cruz is perfect as an authoritarian and well-tortured director, Antonio Banderas plays with great confidence the Hollywood star who doubts nothing and Oscar Martinez the radical theater actor who doubts everything. A hell of a trio. We won’t say the end, but we have a lot of fun watching this Latin version of the bonfire of vanities.

Official competition, indoors.

For twelve years, the eco-responsible Parisian festival has been setting the Parc floral de Paris on fire. And there’s something for everyone ! From rap to techno, via pop, soul and French song, We Love Green, the first music festival that puts the environment at the heart of its programming, has always been able to attract us. And since you don’t attract flies with vinegar, it’s also one of the few in France where you eat well, the foodcourt stands being geared towards local, organic and vegetarian catering (forget the monopoly of hot- dog, 50% of the offer is vegan), certified by the Ecotable charter. This edition of the festival will also be an opportunity to celebrate World Environment Day, Sunday, June 5. Solar panels, biofuel, hydrogen to power the stages, eco-responsible production charter, We Love Green has been trying since its creation in 2010 to limit its carbon footprint as much as possible. Our good conscience is delighted, but our ears too, because, after two years of postponements, the headliners are envious… From PNL to Angèle, via Clara Luciani, Gorillaz, Phoenix, Arlo Parks… Bands that deserve to be put on rain boots to jump in the pit this weekend.

We Love Green, from June 2 to 5, at the Bois de Vincennes, Paris 12th.

Surprise left, her previous play, where she told the story of Icelandic comedian Jon Gnarr who became mayor of Reykjavik in 2010, enchanted us. Faustine Noguès returns with a short form that evokes the fights of Angela Davis. If we can have some reservations about this new text which carries a very idealized vision of this militant feminist and anti-racist American figure, the acting of the actress Astrid Bayiha who slips into her character and the staging by Paul Desveaux force the ‘admiration. In a short hour, both the actress and the set designer take us on a monologue of undeniable power: a plea for tolerance that contradicts certain old commitments of the real Angela. All declaimed to rap tunes composed for the occasion by Blade MC Alimbaye. When politics becomes poetic.

Angela Davis, a history of the United States, at the Paris-Villette theater, until June 4.

This year again, Le Point is partnering with the Nice Book Festival and, again this year, there will be beautiful laundry on the promenade. Starting with the honorary president: Sylvain Tesson. Who better than him, the runner of the woods, mountains and plains, to embody the theme of this 26th edition, “Writing: an adventure!” “. Between two round tables and three signing sessions, he will be confessed by Franz-Olivier Giesbert, artistic director of the festival, Friday 3 at 4 p.m. at the bandstand, Albert-Ier garden. In the queen city of the Côte d’Azur which inspired so many “open air” or “bedroom” travelers (Nietzsche, Gary or Matisse), nearly 200 authors will meet this weekend, regulars of the stage, like Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, Nobel Prize for Literature – born here –, and festival faithful (Jean-Christophe Rufin, Isabelle Carré, Tonino Benacquista), with a spotlight on a great lady of the romantic adventure: Irène Frein.

Nice Book Festival, June 3-5.

Back in the presence, and in the beautiful continuity of Michel Le Bris, the Étonnants Voyageurs festival returns to the Palais du grand large in Saint-Malo to question the power of literature in the face of the tremors of the world, with Andreï Kourkov as guest of honor of this 32nd edition. Around the Ukrainian writer, 40 authors from 15 countries will meet the public, including Javier Cercas, Sorj Chalandon, Pete Fromm, James Meek, Akira Mizubayashi, Leonardo Padura, Alice and Atiq Rahimi, Patrick Deville, Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, Felwine Sarr, Riad Sattouf, Leïla Slimani, or even Patrick Chamoiseau, who co-edited with Mélani Le Bris the collective work Refuse the inhuman! Writers alongside migrants (Philippe Rey). An afternoon will be devoted to the poetics of the relationship according to Édouard Glissant, with his youngest son, Mathieu, director, whose documentary on Fanon and a short fiction film will be screened. Saint-Malo will vibrate in poetry, with the awarding of the Ganzo Prize to Vénus Khoury-Ghata. But also, and this is a first, alongside comics, cinema, nature writing, children’s literature, etc., through the theater: with the rare and great Valère Novarina!

Amazing Travelers, from June 4 to 6, in Saint-Malo.