The crash occurred in the WhatsApp messenger

Photo: TASS/Zuma

In the WhatsApp messenger has failed. Talk about this data service

According to the service, 64% of messenger users encountered a problem when sending and receiving messages. 33% had problems with the connection, and another 1% with authorization.

Failures are observed in Moscow, and also in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and France.

Earlier it became known that the company Facebook has decided to abandon plans to sell advertising in WhatsApp messenger. The reason for the withdrawal of the company’s earlier plans not specified. It is already known that the group that developed ways of integrating advertising into the app, was dissolved.

Facebook said that in the near future to further monetize WhatsApp will not. Currently, the company plans to focus on providing business opportunities to communicate directly with customers.

Earlier it was reported that WhatsApp introduced a feature that allows you to create tasks and to receive notifications. “WhatsApp Reminders” will be available through a paid subscription on iOS and Android.

According to the experts, WhatsApp is the leader in terms of territorial coverage in Russia. This app use in Moscow, the Moscow region, in Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Yakutia and the far East.

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