Philippe Besson certainly will not be consul of France in Los Angeles. The Council of State annulled the decree issued on August 4, which was to allow for the appointment of the writer to this prestigious position, reports France inter.

This order added to the list of jobs for which the appointment is left to the decision of the government of 22 posts of consuls general, including Los Angeles, whereas previously it was compulsory that they be entrusted to diplomatic or consular agents.

Close to the presidential couple

Philippe Besson, whose appointment was announced in August, but not officially published, had reported via his publisher that he would await the outcome of the legal action brought by the CFDT, before possibly make in the american city. When the author’s name had arisen for the position, the trade union of the ministry of foreign Affairs had announced that it would seek the annulment of the decree of appointment.

writer and screenwriter, considered close to the presidential couple and the last book, A character of the novel narrates the conquest of the Elysée palace by Emmanuel Macron, had been appointed at the end of August consul general of France in Los Angeles, the head of State is defending “any others for services rendered”.

The decree opening the 22 positions, out of a total of 89 consuls and consuls general of France, was, in addition to Los Angeles, Barcelona, Bombay, Boston, Cape town, Jeddah, Dubai, Edinburgh, Erbil, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Kyoto, Marrakech, Milan, Munich, Quebec, Saint-Petersburg, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Sydney.