The collapse of the Russian

In Dubai were unsuccessful tests of the “flying motorcycle” Scorpion, developed by the Russian company Hoversurf. During a demonstration flight hoverbayk rose into the air, but quickly lost stability and collapsed on the concrete from a height of about 30 meters. The pilot survived, but aircraft, apparently, no longer subject to recovery.

the Video, which depicted the time of the disaster, published on the official YouTube channel Hoversurf. They explained that the accident occurred due to the failure of the barometer — device that measures the height.

“All security systems worked properly and the pilot was not injured, said the company. Security is our main concern. It is because of such incidents, our designs become more safe”.

Scorpion is a project of a single “flying motorcycle”, which Hoversurf introduced in 2016. The device operates from a motor, driving four propeller. Earlier, the company said that he wanted to cross a motorcycle and a passenger drone technology to create a “tool for practicing extreme sports.”

However, it looks like Scorpion is very dangerous: rotating with great speed the blades can easily hurt feet without protective gear. As you can see in the video, two of the rear propeller broke when hitting the concrete and the front two — about the legs of the pilot. Commentators on YouTube, stressing the danger of the undertaking, is called the Scorpion “flying meat grinder”.

last week the development of a personal quadcopter Flyer turned Kitty Hawk startup, funded by Google co-founder Larry page. The company explained that the draft single elektroleta has exhausted itself, proving that can be built “aircraft, which fly more easily than to ride a bike”.

Despite more than 25,000 tests performed with and without crew, the project Flyer was decided to close. Now in Kitty Hawkacreditada on another “personal elektroleta” Heaviside, which is capable of several times more speed.

Text: To.Hi-tech