“So, So, be a “man” … knife murder … gold pieces…?”, had released a man from Bremen as a Facebook comment under a post that had dealt with the murder of a doctor from Offenburg. A 26-year-old man from Somalia, who obviously suffered from delusions, had killed the 52-year-old doctor in his practice with a knife. The commentator was unhappy with the report because, on the recommendation of the press Council, the origin of the offender at the time of initial reporting, initially, not been published.

Facebook appreciated speech the post as hate, because the word “gold piece” is used in xenophobic circles sarcastically as a term for Refugees. The author of the comment has been blocked for 30 days on the social network. But this punishment, the man would not accept that and went to court – but without success. The Bremen regional court gave Facebook rights and appreciated the comment as “an attack on a group of people”. With his comment of the Bremen should have put the knife to murder the entirety of the Refugees in the compound. The court had known that the word “gold” is used in appropriate circles as a derogatory term for Refugees. In the court judgment stated to have been.

the origin of The term

The words: “What to bring refugees to us, is more valuable than Gold. It is the unwavering Believe in the dream of Europe. A dream that is gone at some point lost”, taken from a speech by Martin Schulz, which he held in 2016 at a University in Heidelberg. The quote of the SPD-politician was in the right circles to be cynical in: “refugees are modified, more valuable than Gold” and “gold pieces” and is now used for most colored immigrants, which are available for the users of the term under the lump is suspected to have committed crimes

source: ACI