The conflicts that animate the prud’hommes reflect, every day, our social history. The trial is public. Regularly, a journalist for The Express purpose of attending the debates. On this day, the president is surrounded by a councillor and two councillors. In the Face of the formation prud’homme, the two lawyers represent Arnaud (1) and his ex-employer, an advertising agency.

Arnaud, an experienced 57-year-old with 21 years of seniority, estimated to have been terminated without cause real and serious. He claims that the reason for his sacking is his refusal to see his variable compensation as amended. His employer believes it has done everything to convince him to accept, talking with him as with any other employee and offering him guarantees. And advance negligence professional. Refuse a compensation change can be a ground for dismissal ? The issue is important : Arnaud calls for 570 000 € in compensation. The president takes the floor…

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