The Blog platform Tumblr gets a new owner. The company Automattic, which is behind the well-known Blogging Software, WordPress, buys Tumblr, the American telecommunications giant Verizon.

He wanted to run Tumblr as said Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg, the “Wall Street Journal”. Tumblr was taken over in 2013 by the Internet Corporation Yahoo. The former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer wanted desperately to pilot, more and more young users to the Web pioneer, and was therefore ready, well a billion dollars for Tumblr, add leaves.

Tumblr has been under the umbrella of Yahoo, however, is not so great a success story like that of Facebook for a similar amount purchased photo platform Instagram. After a long decline, the web business of Yahoo was eventually taken over in the year 2017, Verizon, for around 4.5 billion dollars. Verizon is supposed to have wanted, according to media reports, since the spring after a buyer for Tumblr.

How much Automattic makes the acquisition cost was not disclosed. According to the Website “Axios” is the purchase price is “significantly below 20 million”. The amount was for Verizon not significant, wrote the “Wall Street Journal”. The former Yahoo business is also fighting as part of the Telecom group with a decline in Advertising revenue.

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