It would be the greatest battle in TV history – so the creators of “Game of Thrones announced” the current episode. The third Episode of the eighth and last season carried the English title “The Long Night” (The long night) – and that was quite meant to be taken literally. Many viewers were able to simply recognize hardly anything.

“Can someone turn someone to the light?” asked quickly pranksters in the social media. The Problem is that The makers had exaggerated the darkness of the deepest night to be held in battle a little. Thus, most of the TV just to get to the end of challenges. In the case of the mixture of a dark image and a series of quick cuts was, in part, difficult to identify, whether you saw in the darkness now one of the undead or just an image artifact. And what of the beloved hero now just the Temporal blessed.

Super grainy

TVs in the Test were reviewed giant-screen TVs: a Good 65-incher for 800 Euro By Malte Mansholt Black is not black

It brought together multiple problems. First it was the screen technology to produce A deep Black is the king discipline of the TV-image is not quasi, just cheap TV’s are technically not in the location. Because the used LCD technology illuminates the screen from behind or the sides, are illuminated actually completely black areas by Blasting with and appear as a maximum in dark grey. Newer solutions, such as Local Dimming, in which individual areas of the screen are lit, the field only partially. Only expensive OLED TVs can show true Black.

But even in the last episode to their limits. The reason: Although it is probably the most successful series in TV history, waived House HBO in “Game of Thrones” both at 4K resolution, as well as image improvement through the use of modern technologies such as HDR and Dolby Vision. Especially of the latter, the current would result in the following benefits in particular: Because they offer a larger color gamut and higher contrast, look just very dark content particularly well. Unfortunately, there are of the “Game of Thrones” but only one season in 4K and HDR: The put as a 4K Blu-Ray new first season. All the others have to do without the better picture you can look bleak.

“Game of Thrones”-criticism of A night full of blood, tears and Surprises By Christoph Fröhlich Streaming sorry

Also, the Streaming quality is a real Problem. To enlarge the image transfer, the image is compressed. And here dark content suffer the most: the Black areas will be assessed as data without the image information and for fast Transmission of particularly strong small expected. For the display, you will be expected then from the TV or the Computer and are thereby particularly susceptible to image artifacts.

German viewers are also suffering from a decision by Sky. “Game of Thrones” is allowed to be shown on Monday through an Exclusive Deal with HBO. The full 1080p resolution but only in the Pay-TV-version. Who is streaming on Sky Ticket, gets only the significantly worse resolution 720p Version to see that many of the subtleties are lost. In the long night of this lack of detail was particularly negative. The Streaming competitors such as Netflix, Amazon or iTunes offer long 4K content. A question, why Sky decided against the high resolution, remained until the publication of the article unanswered. Until the end of the series, the viewers decide: do you Want to stream the content immediately – or in better quality.

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