The debate is as old as the phone itself: How harmful is the use of associated radiation exposure for humans? After all, eight out of ten people use in this country is now a Smartphone. You carry it around most of the day, and set it even while Sleeping next to the night Cabinet. With the progressive digitization will not be connected in the future, only our phones nonstop with the Internet, but also industrial machinery, household appliances and cars. This is made possible by the new mobile radio standard 5G.

5G is considered to be the network of the future. It’s supposed to be ultra-fast, in the shortest amount of time, huge amounts of data to be transferred. Some experts fear, however, that the radiation exposure and the associated potential health risks will increase. But how justified are these Worries? The Stiftung Warentest has taken into account the current state of the science.

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The good news first: “According to the research findings, there is little reason for concern,” writes test. To come to this conclusion, evaluated the consumer Foundation for numerous studies and spoke with experts: “We made a statement of strength and methodological quality of animal studies, toxicologists can examine it. In addition, we have seen overall, the study location to mobile communications and health. Then, we discussed our questions and assessments with a panel of experts. Because scientists and Doctors took part – also critical – as well as representatives of the authorities.”

test gives the all-clear

In the past year, very large animal studies have been published in which mice and rats were exposed for hours at the whole body to cell phone radiation. Both studies found evidence of increased Rates of brain tumors. However, there are many open questions and it is unclear whether these results can be extrapolated to humans. The conclusion of the test: “it is A functionally relevant to the health risk of people to pass through, the results can be derived.”

Interview Dangerous radiation “The phone has lost in the bedroom”: expert warns of electrosmog By Daniel Bakir

the results of studies in humans are not a cause for concern, experts said: “In some studies, individual tumor were sub-forms, the other declined.” It is important, however, is that researchers keep an eye on, because cancer is a disease that is emerging slowly. “This means the residual risks, based on present Knowledge, but low.”

you can do

those Who want to protect themselves against excessive mobile phone radiation intensity, should be the Smartphone. Because only four percent of mobile radio and related radiation, the get the brain that originates from “body distant sources,” such as masts, writes test. A tip: pay Attention to the reception for Smartphones to adjust the transmit power on the strength of the network. The network coverage, means that The worse the stronger the cell phone function. In the train or in the car without an external antenna, you should hold back with the Phone. In addition, the following applies: The farther the device is removed, the better. In order to reduce the radiation intensity, recommends test (wired) Headsets.

More information on the topic of mobile phone radiation is found in the case of Stiftung Warentest.

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