Tied with Getafe and confirms its position of descent: 12 dates without a win

The VAR is not reviewed for a clear penalty from Iñigo Martínez in the discount

The thing began as a cold passenger, one of those that force you to have always at hand a handkerchief to the distemper and little more. But then they were appeared the fever, after the nausea, the general malaise. Little by little, without knowing very well how the patient went from the freshness to the waiting room of the er. Dr. Berizzo applied experimental therapies happens to heal the disease, but perhaps the worse. Today the Athletic is on the decline, in the ICU, already ill for 12 long days, which have past from the dawn league in which a goal from Muniain in the discount gave him his first and only victory of the season against Leganés. The ties, as of this Sunday, against Getafe, for a long time already that subtracted more than added. [Narration and statistics]

The logical thing to do in these cases, at least habitual, is that the doctor is right to a side (or abstain) and that another colleague was in charge of the patient. In another club, that would certainly be the solution. In the Athletic Urrutia, the head of the manager to the waiting for the election to the presidency, is far from clear that that will happen. And maybe Berizzo will not be the maximum responsible of the situation, perhaps the main problem is that these players do not give for much more, but the adage that it is easier to change one coach than 25 players is not so true in any club as it is on the Athletic.

Aduriz, despite his head-butt to the stick, it is already for a few jogs; Williams serves against rivals closed as the Getafe; Raul Garcia lives outside of the site and a prisoner of the intermittency; Susaeta and Muniain are very far from his best version. The list could be as long as it is the template red and white. If to all this we add the fear, the fragility, defensive and the mental, the result is as disheartening as revealed by the classification. And luck was the Athletic of the arbitrariness of the VAR, since a clear penalty from Iñigo Martinez (another more) about Mata in the discount was not even reviewed by the referee. Unexplained.

The Athletic doesn’t have football and that is where they start and finish their innumerable evils. It also does not seem to help too much Berizzo, placing it once more to Williams as a striker in a scenario in which is aware that it’s not going to be able to take advantage of his speed. And, by the way, by sacrificing Raul Garcia to a band, where its virtues are blurred. With these rods, the red and white set was an opponent, meek, unable to generate danger in over an hour of play. Just a couple of headbutts lukewarm out of his two plants and a combed Williams not startled to Soria.

Getafe was to his, to that which is given also. You will play better or worse the team Bordalás, but it is very clear to what you want to play and how to do it. Two lines of four close together, with soldierly order, and two forwards to the hunt what they can. An approach that is very basic, but that works to the thousand wonders.

Penalty go unnoticed for the VAR

After a first part of yawning, Getafe was on the point of get revenue to your proposal in a serious error of Núñez, who left to Hamath with a clear track towards Herrerín. The goalkeeper (beyond the name itself) by saving the Athletic, a classic of the last year and a half. Responded at the time San Jose with a good header that was met with Soria and after Berizzo had to deal with injuries of Raul Garcia and Balenziaga.

By the side she pulled Nolaskoain, moving Inigo to the band and defenestrando still more to Ganea, unpublished yet this season. The end justified the means, as that was the squad who beat Athletic in a lack of lateral dumped by Beñat. A joy that lasted 10 minutes to the local. Getafe, now forced to attack, he discovered that his opponent was a custard, and after two good chances with what ended up taking advantage of by Mata after a bad fallback defensive of the basques.

it Was then when Berizzo spent bullet Aduriz and the veteran striker responded with a headbutt on Djené that ran into the base of the pole of Soria. There he forgave Athletic, yes, but the feeling in San Mamés was not lost opportunity, and even more so after the penalty of Iñigo that went unnoticed for the VAR. The team Berizzo sharpens your disease and there are not too many arguments to expect that the hotness will go down in the short term. At least not with these withs.

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