The analyst has estimated the potential scale of a cyber attack on the USA Russia

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to Assess the scale of the attack that a U.S. cyber command against the Russian political and economic elite in case of intervention of hackers in the presidential election of 2020, while it is impossible, said the head of the analytical center Zecurion, dealing with cybersecurity, Vladimir Ulyanov.

“it is Difficult to assess the reality of such threats, but can compare cyberwar with the usual. You can prepare for it, but in practice, tanks may be out of date. It is theoretically possible to reason and to dream, as it turns out, in practice, the big question. But responsible for information security, of course, work constantly,” – said Ulyanov in the interview with IA “NSN”.

According to him, cyber war are invisible to humans, but they affect their lives.

How to write foreign media reports, in the United States develop offensive against Russia in case of interference in elections. As noted, the speech can go about obtaining and using confidential information about the leaders of the Russian Federation.

Earlier the adviser to the national security Agency USA Glenn Gerstell said that Russia remains a major threat to the United States in cyberspace. He identified four countries that are under special control, adding that Russia in this list occupies a leading position. On the second place in the US defined China behind North Korea and Iran.

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