Stops diseases, absences for occupational illness or unjustified, accidents at the workplace… The rate of absenteeism of French employees increases. According to the barometer Ayming, published this September 5, an employee of the private sector has been absent an average of 17.2 days per year in 2017, while for the barometer 2016, the figure was 16.8 days.

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A phenomenon of concern to companies, but also the government. “In three years, the number of days compensated is increased from 11 to 12 per year per employee in the private sector. It is as if our country had introduced an extra day’s leave!”, “alarmed” by the prime minister in the columns of the JDD. The issue will also be addressed in the negotiations on the health to the work that must soon begin the social partners. Matignon announced yesterday to have commissioned Jean-Luc Berard, HR director of the industrial group, Safran, and Stéphane, Councillor, judge of the Court of auditors, to “make a diagnosis” on the increase of sickness absence and propose “changes”.

imbalances between ages and sexes

According to the figures more global Ayming in addition to stops diseases, the study takes into account the unexcused absences or for occupational diseases, work accidents,…* -, on 100 days worked, the French employees have been absent 4,72 day in 2017, compared to 4,59 in 2016.

Carried out on 1.8 million employees in the private sector, it highlights some of the disparities according to age and gender. Women, for example, are more often absent than their peers male.

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The rate of absenteeism is the lowest for the least 25 years of age. The younger children are absent more frequently, but for shorter durations. Long-term absenteeism (more than a month of stop consequential) amounted to 7% of the total of their absences. They are more related to a disengagement to the position to serious diseases.

Are excluded from the maternity leave and paternity.

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more than 55 years of age the rate of absenteeism is the strongest, because of the length of their work stoppages. In June, the figures for health Insurance showed the increase in stops diseases of long duration, that is to say greater than three months, an increase attributed to the decline of the legal age of retirement from 60 to 62 years.

Are excluded from the maternity leave and paternity.