Colonel Schulyok, you work for the Department of “military strategy” of the Federal Ministry for national defence in Vienna. Turkey buys a missile – added in Russia and Nato is the head. Can you explain to us where the excitement comes from?

In difficult economic times, formed a flying partnership. Armaments is on the one hand pressure medium, but also the economic opportunities and networked Offered adapted. Under this premise, the Russian air defense system S-400.

Here it is not only about economic conditions. It’s more than just a loss of job for the defense industry of the United States?

The Turkey has fallen in connection with the proposed purchase of this system in the United States in disgrace. The United States will see a incompatibility with the simultaneous acquisition and operation of the American Stealth aircraft F-35, where the even components in Turkey will be made.

In the past, the Nato States of Greece and Bulgaria, have introduced the previous model S-300. What is different with the S-400?

anti-air Manpads – the dangerous micro-missiles, the decide entire wars can is Gernot Kramper

The S-400 has made to the System S-300, is a massive leap in technology, now also West, respectively, of American technology is dangerous. In the hands of a tottering partner is uncomfortable.

the System Is so much more powerful than similar weapons of the United States?

Here, the relationship technology plays the price a role: for example, the S-400 is not only a better Radar (up to 600 km), the higher range of the missile (up to 400 km) but is also half cheaper than, for example, the American Patriot System (Radar to 300 km range missile, depending on the type up to 160 km). The latest American THAAD is a mobile system, even cost three times the system S-400.

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The S-400 even the “invisible” Stealth is to Jets of the USA.

this is, at least, claimed to have superior technology to the target control options over conventional systems – even against the stealth technology, Supersonic, ballistic missiles, and far-reaching radar systems (e.g., AWACS).

The S-400 is a best seller of the Kremlin. India, Saudi Arabia and other countries want to buy the S-400. Don’t like the USA, certainly, but these countries are not put under so much pressure, such as Turkey. Why?

Hypersonic Missiles three times the range and Mach 5 – China’s missiles depend on Western arms Of Gernot Kramper

take the United States gritting his teeth, but in the sense of further cooperation in the respective environment (Arab/Israel against Iran) or China, the purchase will be tolerated. Turkey has a special Status due to its strategic Position as the gateway to Asia and the Middle East, and the Mediterranean sea. In addition to military strength, the was a reason for the inclusion in the NATO, in spite of the hitherto unresolved conflict in Cyprus.

The position of Turkey is, in fact, unique. They dominated the Eastern Mediterranean, the Black sea, with the disputed Crimea and could also play for China’s infrastructure projects play a significant role. While the West or the EU has rejected Turkey for various reasons, as an equal Partner.

Now the Turkey is drifting. You always cooperates more closely with Russia. This new/old axle was just in the Syria conflict, obviously, in spite of varying views on Assad. Also, the differentiated treatment of the Kurds in the border area – for the USA we have close allies in the fight against the IS, Turkey itself is a fierce opponent – does not contribute to the understanding of a common line, and it is rammed almost to a direct confrontation over.

the controversy surrounding the S-400 Deal, especially on the slide “NATO against Russia”. But the real actor, the Turkey is?

4000 km range DF-26 missile: China is testing “aircraft carrier-Killer”

It also runs directly on a force measuring between the to retreat, to re-orientation facing US and the local hegemony-aspiring Turkey. Russia, economically weakened and politically isolated, this “new” partnership. US see, however, their skins of it also offered a “special deal” for Patriot swim systems has not been able to persuade the Turkey.

In Germany is the Turkish President Erdogan is very unpopular. From the gut, you could say: “Let Turkey go”…

All the means of pressure, including the withdrawal of components production, including the sale of the F-35 have so far failed. The US must add more to get the Turkey back into the boat.

With the threats it has not come far. The NATO can not do without the Turkey?

Currently, the Turkey may block NATO from the inside out – that is your conscious and makes you so strong. To do this, the awareness of its strategic importance. This is your Joker.

military-espionage So captured Chinese hackers data on the top-secret U.S. weapon, “Sea Dragon” By Gernot Kramper

celebrated NATO has her 70th anniversary. But the Alliance is facing major challenges. In addition to the tensions with Russia, US President, Trump of NATO. This is a brusque, little diplomatic style, to his understanding, the Alliance of a pure cost-Benefit comes in to throw viewing. The time of the unbreakable Blocks “NATO”?

The Phalanx of NATO, the axis USA – Europe begins to crumble. New flying partnerships, the purpose of communities to areas of interest belong to the future. To recognize this and to seek a realignment – in the sense of far-reaching collaborations through NATO, Europe, respectively the EU, and the United States – is a Chance.

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for a Long time the U.S. dominated the world’s air space, but the S-400 is also the invisible Stealth Jets dangerous. For the Kremlin, the System is a best seller, for NATO is a nightmare.

Gernot Kramper